“The Liquor Store” in the heart of the city centre has Mancunian roots running through its veins. Situated just off Deansgate, on the corner of Blackfriars Street and Parsonage, we opened the doors in November 2012. Bare brickwork, vintage Liquor Store signage and a bar crammed with a collection of the most desirable liquors from around the globe are just some of the features waiting to greet as you enter.

Amongst the subtle nods towards American bar culture, the standout theme over both venues is the city of Manchester. The walls are dedicated to our city’s most loved exports with everyone from Liam & Noel, Ian Brown and Morrissey to Nobby Stiles, Davy Jones, The Bee Gees and even Les Dawson watching you as you drink. Passionate service from one of the city’s best bar teams delivers a whole host of cocktail creations such as “St Hendrick’s Elderly Rose”, “Oasis” and the famous “The Walking Dead”.

Quirky, original, creative but inherently stylish, just like the city itself. The bar ambience is transformed at 5 pm with the help of its indie, rock’n’roll, classic rock and pop soundtrack blend, featuring more than a fair share of Mancunian favourites.

The Liquor Store’s intimate atmosphere and late opening hours, seven days a week showcase the true Manchester party spirit with deals for hospitality and industry workers. Twice winners of the Manchester ‘Eat, Drink, Sleep’ awards for “Best Late Night Venue” – let us show you why!


40 Blackfriars Street, Manchester, UK

Open hours today: 16:30 - 03:00
  • Monday

    16:30 - 03:00

  • Tuesday

    16:30 - 03:00

  • Wednesday

    16:30 - 03:00

  • Thursday

    16:30 - 03:00

  • Friday

    12:00 - 03:00

  • Saturday

    12:00 - 03:00

  • Sunday

    16:30 - 03:00

  • 25 July 2021 19:15 local time


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