Multi award-winning, single estate chocolate made from bean to bar in Manchester. Championing new, transparent trading methods in place of commodity cacao.

Dormouse Chocolates was born to expand on the background of our professional chocolate maker, Isobel. Fully trained in the process of bean to bar chocolate making and the fascinating history behind it while working for a luxury chocolate brand, this passion is now being used to create a line of bars and and other treats.  In May 2015 we became the first Bean to Bar producer in Manchester and are proud to have gone on to bring home multiple awards.

Buy good beans, make good chocolate
This is our ongoing sourcing policy, and ‘statement of intent’ if you will, which we will constantly strive to update.
Our approach to sourcing beans is based on three main principles – flavour, transparency and people. We believe that each of these factors are important to bring you good chocolate. Sourcing is not just a static line, it’s something we will always seek to improve on. We know we’re not perfect, and we don’t claim to be. What we will promise is to always do our best, and if we fall short of that to do everything we can to do better. We hope you will join us on that journey.


Unit O, Deansgate Mews, Great Northern Warehouse, Deansgate, Manchester, UK

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