Bhaji-Pala is a Marathi word, which translates roughly into green veggies and herbs that are the heart of western Indian vegetarian cooking. In bringing this concept to Manchester,

The task for the award-winning kitchen team, is to bring the complex arrays of tastes, textures and ingredients that have been central to the western Indian kitchen for centuries to Manchester.

They want to maintain authenticity while adapting the complex dishes for vegan palates. And there’s no shortage of eager vegans around Manchester.

Recent estimates show that more than 600,000 people in the UK are now vegan, and plenty of people are choosing to eat more plant-based dishes as part of a vegetarian or flexitarian diet.

Bhaji Pala is the perfect destination for diners wanting to stick to a cruelty-free diet, without compromising on flavour.

Not far from Stockport, the suburb of Gatley is a place on the up, due to its growing reputation as one of the North West’s go-to areas for exciting, forward-thinking cuisine. Just a couple of minutes walk from the train station, this restaurant is at the forefront of this south Manchester food revolution.

And it’s great value, too. Most dishes are between £5 and £10.

They also like to shake things up a little bit and regularly offer a series of in-demand cookery classes at the restaurant (whilst maintaining social distancing).

these classes are useful for everyone, singles included, whether you’re looking to wow a future beau with your culinary skills, or if you’re ‘self-partnered’, Emma Watson-style, and want to cook yourself the very best Indian food around.

Being purely vegan, a cooking course at Bhaji Pala means a cruelty-free dining experience, full of nutritious and sustainable plant-based produce, but with the right level of spices and flavouring to make something truly unforgettable. See it as a gift not only for you but also the future of the planet.

If you’re vegan, you’re in for a treat. And if you’re not, maybe now is the time to give a plant-based meal a try?



2 Old Hall Road, Gatley, Cheadle SK8 4BE, UK

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