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Local charity comes clean as new breakfast hot spot is actually a homeless service

Unveiling the mystery behind Manchester's cryptic billboards reveals Lifeshare's heartfelt campaign, featuring 'celebrity endorsements' that are real stories of those impacted by homelessness, aiming to draw attention to their crucial breakfast program.

After days of speculation surrounding the mysterious billboards featuring quotes from seemingly famous personalities, the secret is out: it’s all part of a heartfelt campaign by Lifeshare, a local homelessness charity doing wonderful work across the city.

In an interview with Jane Carroll from Lifeshare, we delve into the inspiration behind the campaign and the impactful work the charity is doing.

Lifeshare’s Secret Campaign Unveiled

Jane told us that the enigmatic billboards and quotes were part of a strategic campaign to draw attention to Lifeshare’s vital breakfast program for the homeless.

The charity, overwhelmed by the recent surge in demand in the Weekend Breakfast Project, decided to create a buzz in the city, leveraging the allure of ‘celebrity endorsements.’

The tongue-in-cheek campaign was suggesting that only celebrities had sampled the new menu and Manchester’s finest would soon get to try it too.

The Backstory: A Life-Changing Breakfast

Jane Carroll explains, “We’ve got the most life-changing breakfast going, as you know, with our Friday, Saturday, and Sunday breakfasts.

“We thought this would be a nice campaign for Christmas.”

“We’ve seen an incredible surge of demand, possibly up there with the biggest numbers we’ve had to date. We want to draw attention to this work we’re doing in the area.”

The posters strategically hinted at a new, exclusive breakfast spot, playing on the trend of glamorous openings in the city.

The Celebrity Endorsements: Real People, Real Stories

The so-called celebrity endorsements on the posters were pseudonyms used by homeless individuals who frequent Lifeshare’s breakfast program.

Jane Carroll shares, “We ask anyone that comes for breakfast to give us a name for legal reasons. We thought, why not use these names to add a touch of hype to our cause?”

Unraveling the Statistics: A Growing Need

As Jane reveals, Lifeshare served over 300 people last weekend, the highest number in years.

The demand has doubled since the beginning of the year, and the charity is anticipating serving 3,000 people during the Christmas project.

These staggering numbers highlight the critical need for support in addressing homelessness in Manchester.

Call to Action: How You Can Help

As part of the campaign, Lifeshare is reaching out to local businesses for support.

Jane Carroll mentions, “We’ve been trying to get in touch with places like Federal to see if they’d consider donating or supporting us in some way. They do a great breakfast, but so do we. Hopefully, businesses can get in touch and we’re hoping punters can donate just £1 from their breakfast to a great charity in Manchester doing vital work.”

The charity encourages individuals to donate and help make a difference in the lives of those experiencing homelessness.

You can donate to Lifeshare by clicking HERE

A Heartfelt Plea in the Face of Stereotypes

Addressing recent statements by Suella Braverman, Jane Carroll emphasises the need to dispel stereotypes about homelessness.

The former home secretary said: “The British people are compassionate. We will always support those who are genuinely homeless. “But we cannot allow our streets to be taken over by rows of tents occupied by people, many of them from abroad, living on the streets as a lifestyle choice.”

She was widely condemned by anyone with a heart.

To counter this, Jane said: “There’s a reason why someone starts on the street, and then they get almost indoctrinated into that’s the life they can only lead,” she says, highlighting the importance of understanding the complex issues surrounding homelessness.

“No story is straightforward, but we’re working to help people who are homeless get a good meal and offer services to help them in anyway we can.”

Judy Vickers, operations manager at Lifeshare said: “Social media has been going wild thinking a new celebrity-backed brunch spot was going to launch.  In fact, we offer this life-changing breakfast every weekend, it’s just most people will never be invited!

“We’re now asking for people to help us continue to provide this service, our costs have escalated, our numbers are going up each weekend.  I’m sure everyone is feeling the burden of their weekly supermarket bill – well we are too.  Imagine buying 300 eggs, and enough servings of bacon and sausages!”

She continued: “We of all people know how tough it is right now, but if anyone could spare a few pounds to buy a bacon butty or some scrambled eggs, we’ll gladly take the donation.”

Lifeshare also provides the only seven-day Christmas service provision in the City from December 24- 29th.

Again, hundreds of volunteers and staff give up their Christmas to help serve the City’s needy.

The charity is looking for donations towards the £30,000 bill to cover this service which provides Christmas breakfast, lunch and dinner, showers, clothes, games, festive smiles, companionship and warmth this Christmas.

Lifeshare worked with MikeSian Studio who gave up their time and resources to create this campaign and is now asking for people to donate today.  Even a small amount will make a massive difference.

If you’d like to donate to this amazing cause, please click here HERE

Lifeshare trustee Jane Carroll said: “We have upset a few incredibly honourable celebrities with this campaign.

“But we want to thank them for their admirable response and understanding. Times are tough for many, but just imagine if you didn’t have a roof over your head too.

“We understand the complexities around being homeless, it’s never a life choice but circumstance that leads a person to the point of not having a home.”

You can find out about how you can help on Lifeshare’s website including donations and volunteering opportunities.

To visit their website click here.

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