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How JSD’s Midication label is creating Manchester’s next generation of musicians

JSD, also known as David 'Jay' Hindley, is a multi-talented songwriter, rapper, producer, and the founder of Midication, an independent music label based in Manchester.

JSD, also known as David ‘Jay’ Hindley, is a multi-talented songwriter, rapper, producer, and the founder of Midication, an independent music label based in Manchester.

Since its inception in 2012, Midication has been an outlet for JSD’s music and has grown to become a platform that supports and nurtures young musicians in the city.

Through his dedication and passion, JSD has created a family of talented artists, helping them develop their skills and providing opportunities for success.

Midication, the brainchild of JSD and Nika D from Virus Syndicate, emerged as a sanctuary for their music, providing a home where they could fully express themselves.

Established in 2012 as a platform for self-releases, the label soon expanded its vision to support and uplift young musicians in Manchester.

With JSD at the helm as the founder and head honcho, Midication has developed a talented roster of artists, forming a close-knit family that has thrived in the city’s progressive music community.

We sat down with JSD to discuss Manchester’s Midication Label which is based in Cheetham Hill, and artists to keep an eye on amongst Manchester flourishing music scene.

The Midication record label

JSD shared the origins of Midication, stating, “Midication was the brainchild of me and my long-suffering partner in crime Nika D from Virus Syndicate.

“After years of record deals and touring, we decided we really wanted a place where we could call home for our music.

“You learn pretty quickly in the music game that nobody cares as much about your music as you do.

“So we set it up as a stable for our self-releases initially. A year or so later we set up the recording studio as an idea to provide top-quality recording, mixing and mastering services as well as a place where young creatives in the city could come and be able to get advice and guidance.

“A safe space for people to flourish creatively and learn about the music industry. I’ve always tried to be available to the music scene in Manchester as much as possible.

“My phone is always on and DMs always open for anyone to tap in and get some advice or an opinion.

“I don’t claim to know everything there is to know but I’ve had a long and successful career with Virus Syndicate so I’ve had lots of experience with record deals, booking agents, publishing and syncs etc etc… so when we built the studio things naturally shifted towards nurturing some other amazing artists too.”

Recognising the importance of taking ownership of their artistic output, they established Midication as a platform for self-releases.

Later, they set up a recording studio to provide top-quality services and create a space for young creatives in Manchester to receive guidance and support.

Developing a Talented Manchester Roster

JSD emphasised the significance of identifying and nurturing promising talent, saying: “Identifying talent is probably the easy bit for me. I’m a producer and songwriter myself, so I know something special when I see/hear it.”

While style, charisma, and vibe play a role, JSD values writing ability and delivery.

He encourages artists to become exceptional writers, enabling them to have creative control over their futures.

The Midication roster evolved organically, with artists like Persia and D Jordan, whom JSD has known since their younger days, joining due to their exceptional writing skills. RJ, an artist whose recovery from addiction inspires his music, became part of Midication after a serendipitous meeting.

He said: “The Midication roster came about in such an organic way. I’ve known Persia and D Jordan since we were kids and they’ve both always been some of my favourite writers from Manchester.

“They articulate things in such an incredible way and I’m a fan first and foremost. RJ has been friends with D Jordan for a long time and when we met at D Jordan’s birthday meal we clicked instantly and he expressed a desire to get back in the studio to record  “just one EP” haha! We’re now on to his third full-length project.

“Again RJ is such a gifted writer it’s a pleasure to work with people of such a high calibre. Makes my job easy! But the guys are also all very open to my suggestions and ideas.

“I’m able to see things objectively and everyone knows any suggestions I have are always for the good of the song and never from a place of ego.

“Prima came to me as a gift from the universe, haha.

“She’s got one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard and she’s a grade 8 pianist too.

“Having those skills in the team is so valuable!

“She’s also been around all of the rappers for the past 5 years and her writing has gone from strength to strength. Her pen game is ridiculous. It’s really inspiring to see how much the team has formed into this nucleus of insane talent.

“Initially, I was releasing other artists on the label too, some of them absolutely amazing artists but I just felt the label needed a clearer direction in terms of the sound.

“So I had to make some difficult decisions on what I wanted it to be going forward. I’m still working with loads of other great artists as a producer/engineer though making pop, house, drum and bass, disco, folk, rap, R&B and everything else you can think of!”

The label’s artists are receptive to JSD’s suggestions and ideas, creating a supportive and collaborative environment.

Balancing Artistry and Responsibilities

JSD acknowledges the challenges of balancing his own music career with his roles as a producer and label boss.

He highlights the need for focus and discipline, stating, “You have to lead by example… Since then, I’ve been locked in and making lots of music and doing my thing.” While studio work can be demanding, JSD ensures he carves out time for his own creativity.

Collaborating with producer Ethan Hill on a project where he focuses solely on being an artist has provided a fresh perspective and balance.

‘Late Night & Wavey Lights’: Personal Experiences and Hope

His debut album, ‘Late Night & Wavey Lights,’ is a deeply personal exploration of love, loss, and lifestyle choices.

He shared, “The album details the impact of losing both of my parents within 12 months and trying to raise a young family while spiralling into depression and substance abuse.”

Through music, JSD found solace, hope, self-discovery, and growth.

The album serves as a legacy, allowing his children to better understand him and his journey.

Despite releasing it initially as a therapeutic endeavour, the album garnered unexpected attention from major label executives, affirming JSD’s path.

The Importance of Community and Togetherness

JSD underscores the significance of a strong music community for young artists’ growth and success.

Midication fosters a sense of community among its artists by organising events, and studio meetups, and actively supporting other Manchester music movements.

He continued: “Community is everything.

“Being able to share ideas, having people who understand the ups and downs associated with the music industry.

“The late nights and wavey lights, the depression when that new song you just poured your heart into underperforms, going from a stage in front of thousands of people to waking up on Monday morning with real-life sh*t to deal with.

“There are some crazy ups and downs to this industry.

“Having a strong music community is vital to a thriving scene in my opinion. T

“he way we foster the sense of community within the label is linking up for the annual Christmas meal, having studio meet-ups and playing each other’s music, all showing up for each other when someone’s performing or launching a new product.

“The little things really. Just doing stuff together and being a team.

But we also try to extend that community to the wider Manchester music scene.

“We communicate and coordinate with all the other movements in the city and make sure we show love and support whenever we can. Our artists perform at other labels’ events and vice versa.

“Recently Prima performed for the guys at Mic Check Media (another Manchester stable) and afterwards we invited everyone back to the Midication HQ.

“We had Mic Check, One-6-Wave, Ethan Hill and all us lot in one room just sharing new music and building a sense of community.

“I created a Manchester music WhatsApp group so we can all discuss show dates and make sure we don’t put shows on the same night.

“Little things like that go a long way to building togetherness and oneness.”

JSD believes in building bridges and collaboration, ensuring Midication remains connected to the evolving music scene in Manchester.

Challenges and Overcoming Them

Reflecting on the challenges of the music industry, JSD highlights false promises, deceptive individuals, and the allure of record deals.

He advises aspiring musicians to know their worth, understand their power, and build their own audience.

“It’s important to focus on creating exceptional music and content, as the industry increasingly values popularity and self-sufficiency” he added.

Proudest Achievements and Future Aspirations

JSD cherishes small breakthroughs and witnessing artists’ growth and confidence in the studio.

These moments are his proudest achievements.

Looking ahead, JSD envisions Midication having more infrastructure, including in-house designers and a social media team.

He aspires to continue supporting and nurturing talent while providing a safe space for young creatives to flourish.

With extraordinary artists on the label, JSD hopes for big successes in the future, anticipating that one breakthrough will change the landscape entirely.

JSD and Midication have played an instrumental role in Manchester’s music scene, providing a home for artists to develop their skills and flourish creatively.

Their commitment to community, collaboration, and self-empowerment has led to significant achievements and a strong roster of talented musicians.

And as JSD and Midication continue their journey, they remain dedicated to supporting and uplifting young artists, making a lasting impact on Manchester’s progressive music community.

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