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The face of courage – how one man found self love after being abandoned by his parents

In "Not All Heroes Wear Capes," Jono Lancaster's powerful memoir, he reveals how embracing his differences transformed his life from self-doubt to self-love.

Jono has just finished his latest book, Not All Heroes Wear Capes: The Incredible Story of How One Young Man Found Happiness by Embracing His Differences.

The Story of Jono Lancaster

Jono Lancaster was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome – a condition that affects facial appearance – and at only two weeks old, he found himself in foster care.

In his remarkable story, Jono shares the highs and lows of his journey and how he turned his differences into his greatest strengths.

Inspirational, empowering and moving – this is an extraordinary memoir with a powerful message: you are strong enough to become your own hero.

We caught up with him at the Corn Exchange, where he is promoting his new book which talks about the challenges he has faced in his life, and how he has overcome them.

Jonathan “Jono” Lancaster was only 36 hours old when his parents abandoned him just 36 hours after he was born.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes: The Incredible Story of How One Young Man Found Happiness by Embracing His Differences

In an exclusive interview with I Love Manchester, Jono shared the deeply personal experiences that shaped his life and inspired him to become an advocate for embracing one’s uniqueness.

Finding self-acceptance hasn’t always been easy. I was abandoned at birth with a facial difference, and as I got older, I began to hate my face and the world I lived in.

“Gradually, through trial and error, random moments with strangers, and some tragic haircuts, I’ve found self-love and happiness.

“This book is the story of how I found my way out of difficult times, and how you can do the same.”

How to get a copy of ‘Not All Heroes Wear Capes’

If you want to get hold of a copy of Jono’s new book, the Read Swap Machine at the Corn Exchange is offering 16 signed copies.

All you have to do is bring an old book you’ve enjoyed, and swap it for a copy of Not All Heroes Wear Capes: The Incredible Story of How One Young Man Found Happiness by Embracing His Differences.

The book traces Jono’s life story from his early years, where he naturally celebrated who he was, to the challenging phase where he began questioning his appearance and identity.

As he grew older, Jono’s perception of the world around him became disheartening, as it failed to represent him.

This led him to question the circumstances of his birth, the mystery surrounding his birth parents, and the reason he looked different from others.

Despite his search for answers, he found himself lost in a world that seemed indifferent to his struggles.

“I began to hate my face,” Jono candidly confessed during the interview.

Over time, he started hiding away, avoiding mirrors, and suppressing his true self.

However, the turning point in Jono’s life came when he accidentally caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror one day, and for the first time in a long while, he found himself loving something about his appearance – his striking blue eyes and one dimple as he smiled.

This simple revelation marked the beginning of a transformative journey towards self-love and acceptance.

As he progressed, Jono encountered numerous heroes who played pivotal roles in his life, including his mother and strangers who showed him love and support.

Their compassion and kindness helped him rediscover the love he had for himself, eventually leading him to embrace his unique traits and personality.

How to Find Self Love

In ‘Not all heroes wear capes,’ Jono generously shares his hard-earned wisdom and offers practical guidance to readers seeking to find self-love and acceptance in their lives.

The book is brimming with tips, exercises, and personal reflections, encouraging readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery.

Jono’s main goal in writing the book is to touch the lives of people from all walks of life, fostering human connections by making them feel seen and understood.

“I want them to be able to work on themselves, to find that self-love within themselves,” he expressed during the interview.

His hope is that readers will not only be inspired but also empowered to become their own heroes and champions of self-love.

The impact of Jono’s work as a motivational speaker has been profound, as he has touched the lives of countless individuals who have resonated with his story.

People from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences have come forward to share their feelings of relatability and connection with his message.

When asked about the most rewarding aspect of his work, Jono humbly expressed, “I’m so honoured and blessed for me to be able to receive that information.”

How to Prioritise Self-Love

However, he also emphasised the importance of prioritising his well-being and being authentic in sharing his struggles, proving that self-love isn’t about being perfect but accepting oneself, flaws and all.

As the interview concluded, Jono offered a heartfelt invitation to readers to contribute to the book’s back pages, urging them to write down what they love about themselves and pass the book on to others to do the same.

These self-love notes will create a beautiful chain of positivity and acceptance, leaving an enduring legacy of empowerment and self-celebration.

‘Not all heroes wear capes’ is more than just a life story; it is a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of self-love.

And we couldn’t leave without asking Jono what he loves most about the city.

He said: “One of my favourite memories ever was made right here in Manchester.

“One of the most cherished memories I have is from the time I attended a Coldplay concert at the Etihad in Manchester.

“I was with a girl I was seeing at the time, and as they started singing ‘Yellow,’ we both got completely lost in the music, having the best time of our lives.

“She was standing in front of me, and the atmosphere was magical. Then, she turned to face me, looked into my eyes, and sang the lyrics, ‘Your skin and bones turn into something beautiful, you know I love you so.’ It was one of those moments where I felt immensely loved and connected.

In that moment, there was no place I would have rather been than right there, in Manchester, with that special person, listening to Coldplay. It truly was a beautiful experience.”

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