Jack Spratt to be taken over by brand new Splendid Sausage Co.

Jack Spratt closed its doors to become Splendid Sausage Co...

A lot of you will have walked past a certain white and red striped restaurant on John Dalton Street this week and done a double-take. Maybe you’re concerned as to the sudden departure of Jack Spratt’s. Maybe you’re even a little sad about it.

“A triumph of greasy diner fingers and intriguing gourmet hybrids”

Well, I Love MCR have done some research and we say EMBRACE THE CHANGE. The Splendid Sausage Company has been open less than one week and it’s already intriguing and charming people with it’s wacky take on excellent dining. We’re certainly taken in.

We visited Mike and Emily Edge to give you the full lowdown, and left with a very, very, very full stomach and a new appreciation for seriously weird combinations.

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The speed of the restaurant’s turnaround is mind-boggling. Within ten days, Jack Spratt’s was no more and a quirky joint devoted to the love of real, proper sausages was born out of its ashes. Part of the swift transformation is the fact that Mike and Emily were blessed with inheriting Jack Spratt’s chefs and front of house. Emily positively gushes about her staff, knowing that as there is no need to focus on wishy-washy ‘team-building’ exercises, they can focus on the food.

Ah, the food. A triumph of greasy diner fingers and intriguing gourmet hybrids. To give you an outline, (which we will expand on in our upcoming review), while some brioche buns and highest quality sausages are piled high with favourites like chicken bites and sauerkraut, ‘The King’ is chock full of peanut butter and banana. And this is one of the most popular options. #noweiners

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The Edges are clearly very serious about having fun, and that extends to all aspects of their carefully curated menu. I’m told that one of Mike’s favourite things in the world is milkshakes, and from this the people of Manchester have been blessed with boozy milkshakes like the Raspberry Ripple, which contains both vodka and Marshmallow fluff. If that combination sounds a little childish to you then that’s because it is. This is unashamedly immature cuisine made with only the best ingredients and premium liqueurs. And it seriously works.

Absolutely everything is cooked from scratch on site, apart from the sausages themselves which come from Howarth’s Butchers, including their Cumberland sausages which won gold medal at the British Best Sausage Awards. #noweiners

If you’re still not convinced (I’m ashamed of you!) then fall in love with their plans for special occasions. This Easter weekend will see their first Willy Wonka-like transformation of the sausage. A sausage shot through with chocolate and brimming with homemade hot cross bun crumb. To finish? An Easter Egg Piñata Cake: sponge eggs filled with treats such as Smarties and mini eggs. If this is Easter, we can’t wait to see what they do with other upcoming events. Like Gay Pride.


11 St James’ Square, John Dalton Street, Manchester M2 6WH


@splendidmcr #noweiners



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