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Review: Innit at The Lowry is ’emotive, passionate and will resonate with all Mancunians’

Step into the past with Innit the Musical, an unforgettable journey through the ups and downs of Salford life, where captivating performances and catchy tunes await.

Innit the Musical is a production that takes its audience on a journey through the past, unearthing both the good and the bad.

Set in an old building in Salford, the show immediately immerses the audience in its world, creating an atmosphere that feels as if you’ve stumbled upon something intimate.

Throughout the performance, the actors engage with the audience, eliciting laughter and interaction, making for an engaging and unforgettable experience.

Plot and Characters

The heart of the story revolves around a young boy named Ashley, brilliantly played by William Bours.

Ashley’s character undergoes the typical trials and tribulations of teenage life in Salford, grappling with the desire for self-improvement through music while navigating friendships that might lead him down the wrong path.

As an audience member, you quickly become emotionally invested in Ashley’s journey, assuming a parental role, and wanting nothing but the best for him.

This emotional connection is one of the strengths of the show.

Music and Songwriting

One of the standout aspects of Innit the Musical is its music.

The talented team behind the music, including Adam Burns, Micky Dacks, Ed Kainyek, and Ange Lea, deserves praise for crafting an original and imaginative score.

The highlight of the night has to be the infectious song “Universal Credit,” which is so catchy that it will have you singing it long after the curtains close.

However, this is not the only exceptional song in the show.

Each character is given their moment to shine, with the songs evoking a range of emotions that add depth to the narrative.

High Points and Stellar Performances

Two standout performances in Innit the Musical are worth mentioning.

First, Ruthie Presh Lane, who plays Stacey, brings a powerful and soulful presence to the stage.

Her voice is captivating, carrying each song with incredible expertise and passion.

As an audience, you can’t help but root for her character, who fights both for herself and for Ashley.

William Bours, who portrays Ashley, is undeniably the star of the show. Bours’s performance is nothing short of incredible; he skillfully draws the audience into his character’s life and story.

His delivery of lines strikes a perfect balance between humour and sadness, leaving a lasting impression that shouldn’t be missed.

Challenging Moments

While Innit the Musical excels in many aspects, there are moments in the show that may leave some viewers feeling uncomfortable.

The second half of the performance is set in a prison, and throughout this part of the story, there are unsettling mentions of sexual assault.

These scenes may evoke complex emotions due to the depravity of the characters involved. It’s essential to be aware of these sensitive topics when considering whether to attend the show.

Innit – The Lowry

Innit the Musical is a production that resonates deeply with anyone familiar with the Mancunian way of life, particularly those who grew up in Salford.

Its immersive setting, compelling characters, and outstanding musical compositions offer a unique and engaging theatrical experience.

While the uncomfortable moments involving sexual assault may give pause to some, the show’s overall message and performances by the talented cast make it a production that shouldn’t be missed.

Innit the Musical invites you to relive the past, with all its ups and downs, and leaves you with a sense of nostalgia and a desire for a brighter future for its characters.

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