It’s the end of the road for Manchester’s finest chicken outlet, Splendid Kitchen. The effect of closures relating to the Second City Crossing roadworks blighted the restaurant for some time, forcing it to reduce it’s opening days to just four a week, and now the seemingly inevitable has happened.

Owners Mike and Emily from Splendid were great supporters of events like Not Just Soup Manchester and made an impression on the city with their reasonably priced, high quality American comfort food. For just a fiver you could get a burger, fries and a drink at lunch – stonkingly good value!

Read the full announcement below. It’s not an immediate closure, they’ll be open next week from Wednesday to Saturday with a discounted menu.

Go show them some love and enjoy for perhaps the last time, the best chicken in town. We’ll miss you Splendid, you were…. you know what you were!

It’s been splendid.

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