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Meet the inspirational Manchester charities making the city better for all

Discover the inspiring Manchester charities nominated for the I Love MCR Awards. From combating homelessness to empowering youth, these heroes are creating a lasting impact in the city

The I Love MCR Awards are set to shine a spotlight on individuals and organisations that have been tirelessly working to make Greater Manchester a better place.

These awards are not just about recognition; they are about celebrating the relentless efforts of those who have laboured tirelessly to make Greater Manchester an even greater place.

Among the nominees for the “I Love MCR Most-Loved Charity” category, seven remarkable charities stand out for their dedication to their respective causes.

Here, we take a closer look at these extraordinary organisations and the invaluable work they do.

Coffee 4 Craig: A Warm Cup and a Helping Hand

Metallica Coffee 4 Craig

Coffee 4 Craig, a shining beacon in Manchester, provides vital support to the city’s homeless and vulnerable individuals.

With a compassionate approach, they offer hot meals, clothing, and outreach services to those in need.

More than just a cup of coffee, this charity offers a lifeline to those experiencing homelessness, reminding us all of the power of human kindness.

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George House Trust: Fighting the Stigma of HIV

For decades, George House Trust has been at the forefront of supporting people living with HIV in Greater Manchester.

Their tireless efforts include advocacy, counseling, and practical support, making a significant impact on the lives of those affected by HIV/AIDS.

This charity is a testament to the resilience and compassion of Manchester’s community.

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Cash for Kids: Transforming the Lives of Disadvantaged Children

Cash for Kids is a grant-giving charity with a mission to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and young people across the UK. They focus on those affected by poverty, illness, neglect, or additional needs, believing that every child should have the opportunity to express their individuality, reach their full potential, and live life to the fullest. Cash for Kids partners with grassroots organisations that aim to make a difference in young lives, providing direct support to families who often have nowhere else to turn.

In 2022, Cash for Kids collectively raised a staggering £20.4 million across the UK, supporting 489,409 children. Their commitment to uplifting the most vulnerable members of society is a testament to the power of collective generosity and community spirit.

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Girls Out Loud: Empowering Future Leaders

Girls Out Loud is on a mission to empower teenage girls, nurturing their self-esteem and leadership potential.

Through mentorship programs and workshops, they help young girls navigate the challenges of adolescence, building a brighter future for the next generation of Manchester’s leaders.

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Mustard Tree: Combating Poverty and Homelessness

In the fight against poverty and homelessness, Mustard Tree stands tall.

They provide essential support such as food, clothing, and furniture, along with training and employment opportunities.

By breaking the cycle of poverty, they’re creating a stronger, more resilient community for everyone.

Mustard Tree aim to create opportunities for people to help themselves through providing practical support, friendship, connections into work, improvements to health and wellbeing plus new experiences to encourage aspiration.

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Once Upon a Smile: Healing Hearts in Times of Grief

Once Upon a Smile offers emotional and practical support to bereaved children following the death of a loved one such as a parent, sibling or grandparent.

They provide 1 on 1 bereavement support, group activities, advice, support and much more.

Their services, including counselling and respite trips, offer solace and support during some of life’s darkest moments.

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The Natalie Kate Moss Trust


The Natalie Kate Moss Trust was set up in 2012 by the Moss family following the sudden death of Natalie at the age of 26 after an unexpected Brain Haemorrhage.

Focusing on turning this tragedy into something positive, their mission is to prevent more tragedies from occurring by empowering you to understand how to prevent lifestyle related brain haemorrhages from occurring, whilst generating funds to support ground breaking research to treat them when they do.

Through education and advocacy efforts, they’re making a significant impact in early diagnosis and saving lives in the process.

UpReach: Paving the Way for Social Mobility

UpReach is all about social mobility.

They provide mentorship, professional development, and networking opportunities to young individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, helping them break barriers and reach their career aspirations.

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These charities embody the spirit of Manchester, where resilience, empathy, and innovation flourish.

As the I Love MCR Awards ceremony approaches, we celebrate these organisations and the individuals who have dedicated their lives to improving our beloved city.

Their work reminds us that even in the face of challenges, the people of Manchester continue to come together to create positive change.

By supporting these charities, we ensure that the heart of Greater Manchester beats stronger and brighter, echoing the very essence of the I Love MCR Foundation.

I Love Manchester sends a special thanks to the award sponsors AO ArenaHilton Manchester, Sapporo TeppanyakiPalace Theatre & Opera HouseJulie Twist PropertiesGlengoyne, and Happy Radio for making this special event possible.

This is an inclusive event and it’s because of their support, we’re able to offer complimentary tickets to charities, community groups, disabled people and carers who may not otherwise be able to afford to attend.


Manchester is a successful city, but there are many people that suffer. The I Love MCR Foundation helps raise vital funds to help improve the lives and prospects of people and communities across Greater Manchester – and we can’t do it without your help. So please donate or fundraise what you can because investing in your local community to help it thrive can be a massively rewarding experience. Thank you in advance!

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