Grindsmith bring speciality coffee and cocktails to Media City

With their Great Northern space and charming pod unit in Greengate Square, Grindsmith have built a solid reputation for marrying great coffee and atmosphere in an environment that’s ideal for freelancers and creative types. With such a great pedigree, what can we expect from their new outlet in Media City which opens today?

“We always knew that Media City was desperate for great coffee and it’s a privilege to be invited to set up shop there,” says co-founder Pete Gibson.

Coffee is becoming
recognised as a
speciality product
and treated the
same as fine wine
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“We have more space so it’s not just going to be a spot for breakfast, or a coffee break, or indeed working space. We want it to have an all day functionality, so we can either take you right through the day, or you can visit us piecemeal for refreshment and relaxation. Our aim is to be as creative and passionate about our food offering as we are over our coffee.”

Like other speciality coffee shops, Grindsmith has dipped its toes into the world of alcohol, providing a relaxed space for a couple of cold ones after a hard day’s work.

”Great Northern’s beer fridge is small but of the highest quality. We’ll have that at Media City but also a range of wines and cocktails, so we’re not just a coffee hangout, but an all day venue where you can begin the day and end it.

“We still want to put our Grindsmith twist on it and not forget we are a coffee house first and foremost. Each cocktail will link back to this with infusions on teas and the addition of caffeine where it fits. There are so many diverse flavours that we can play with and really want to experiment with our menu. Look out for our gin, tonic and coffee – and we aim to have the best Espresso Martini in town.”

Liquor aside, the team are sticking with local roasters Heart and Graft for this third outlet.

“Heart and Graft have been with us since the beginning. We’ve grown together personally and professionally. We are proud to be their biggest customer and they are absolutely dedicated to making sure we have the best coffee in our hoppers and on our shelves. James and Sean are people who you want not only want to work with but go for a pint with after.”

Grindsmith Solitary Coffee

Given the larger space and increased focus on food and drinks, it’s only natural that Grindsmith Media Cityare looking to embrace a number of events, from live music to coffee cuppings.

“There is so much scope with the coffee environment that it lends itself to such a range of events and activities. Our passion is bringing people together that our passionate, creative and motivated. In that environment so much more can happen, but in our eyes, it always starts with a brew.”

The enthusiasm for their product is clear, and with such a diverse offering under one roof, I wanted to know their thoughts on winning over customers to speciality coffee.

“Manchester is growing up quickly with its opinion and more importantly its knowledge of speciality coffee. It’s important for the coffee community to focus on education and why the coffee we serve is superior – not to act as if its superior but communicate the intricacies and skill it takes to craft an amazing beverage.

“Coffee is becoming recognised as a speciality product and treated the same as fine wine or exceptional whisky. There will always be bad coffee out there but for the people who appreciate a great cup and the people who work hard in crafting it, there will be a range of places offering it.”


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