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Greater Manchester Police bid farewell to hero sniffer dog Hugo

Meet Hugo, the valiant 'Sniffer' Dog of Greater Manchester Police

In a heartwarming tale of dedication and service, Hugo, an eight-year-old springer spaniel, recently retired from his illustrious role as a ‘sniffer’ dog with the Greater Manchester Police (GMP).

Over seven years of unwavering service, Hugo contributed significantly to the force’s efforts in seizing drugs, cash, and firearms, ultimately ensuring the safety of Greater Manchester’s residents.

A Legacy Born into the GMP Family

Hugo’s remarkable journey began within the GMP family, where he was bestowed to his handler as a playful puppy.

The bond between the two deepened as they embarked on the initial stages of training, which included playful searches for tennis balls and exposure to various environments like train stations and buildings with diverse surfaces. This early preparation paved the way for Hugo’s crucial role in the force.

Training for Greatness: From Tennis Balls to High-Stakes Searches

Hugo’s training involved rigorous exercises and an eight-week course to prepare him for the responsibilities that lay ahead.

His proficiency in searches spanned a variety of settings, including vehicles, buildings, Metrolink stations, and even Manchester Airport.

Hugo’s contributions extended far beyond routine policing, making him an invaluable asset to the GMP.

The Paws That Protect: The Role of a Dog Handler

The role of a dog handler is one that carries immense responsibility, particularly when a dog’s findings have the potential to prevent serious harm to others.

Hugo’s handler recalled a remarkable instance when Hugo’s keen senses led to the discovery of a loaded gun, highlighting the invaluable contribution of these canine companions in law enforcement.

Knowing When to Bid Farewell: Hugo’s Retirement

As the years passed, Hugo’s handler began to notice subtle changes in his partner’s behaviour.

Hugo exhibited signs of slowing down on searches and waning enthusiasm for work.

This strong bond between the handler and dog enabled them to recognise that it was time for Hugo to enjoy a well-deserved retirement.

“To be honest he told me,” Hugo’s handler admitted. “I started to notice him slowing down on searches, not as eager, not as desperate to jump in the car to go to work, and it was just that bond that you have, and you sort of notice.

“Thankfully we read the signs and we at the training unit all decided he’s done us proud; he’s done his time and let him enjoy retirement.”

A Rewarding Retirement: Celebrating Hugo’s Service

After seven years of dedicated service, Hugo transitioned from a diligent GMP sniffer dog to a beloved family pet.

He celebrated his years of service in the most traditional way – at the local pub, where colleagues and well-wishers toasted to his achievements.

The Bond That Endures: A Handler’s Commitment to Retirement

While the retirement of a former police dog may present challenges, Hugo’s handler embraced this new chapter with open arms.

He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to provide Hugo with the peaceful retirement he deserved, acknowledging the strong bond that had developed between them over the years.

After an impressive career as a GMP sniffer dog, Hugo was rewarded in the traditional way – celebrating his years of services at the pub.

A former police dog can make the handler’s role harder, but Hugo’s wouldn’t have it anyway.

He said: “It’s time I enjoy, and I love. I’m thankful that I’ve been given the opportunity to do so. He served me and has been my best mate for seven years. It’s my job to look after him in retirement.”

Hugo’s retirement marks the end of a remarkable chapter in the Greater Manchester Police’s history.

His unwavering dedication and invaluable contributions will be fondly remembered, and his transition to a cherished family pet symbolises a well-earned rest after years of service to the community.

Thank you, Hugo, for your loyal service, and may your retirement be filled with joy and relaxation.

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