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New study reveals two Greater Manchester hot-spots are the most haunted places in the UK

Salford and Bolton have been named some of the most haunted places in the UK.

Salford and Bolton have been named the two most haunted cities and towns in the UK,  sending shivers down the spines of ghost enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike.

Manchester isn’t shy of some paranormal activity, and you can check out the most haunted places in Manchester by clicking here

With haunting scores of 8.5/10 and 8.4/10, respectively, these locations have cemented their status as the ultimate ghostly hotspots in the UK.

Salford: A Paranormal Paradise

Salford, perched at the top of the spectral charts with an eerie score of 8.5/10, has captivated ghost hunters and storytellers for years.

When measured per 10,000 people, Salford boasts 5.6 cemeteries, 13,620.8 memorials, 0.4 reports of paranormal activity, 138.8 abandoned properties, and a staggering 2,989.7 houses over 100 years old.

This city is a haven for those seeking a supernatural encounter.

Among the many chilling legends Salford harbours, Ordsall Hall stands out as an icon of spectral lore.

It’s the dwelling place of the legendary “White Lady,” the apparition of Margaret Radclyffe, a former owner’s daughter.

Margaret’s tragic tale of forbidden love with a disapproved suitor led to her untimely death, and her ghost, dressed in white, is said to wander the hall to this day.

Bolton: The Enigma

Bolton, not far behind Salford, clinches the second spot on the list with a spectral score of 8.4/10.

This town offers an intriguing mix of paranormal elements: 2.2 cemeteries, an astonishing 10,657.7 memorials, 1.1 recorded paranormal reports, 116.2 vacant properties, and a notable 1,301.0 houses dating back to pre-1918 per 10,000 people.

Bolton is a magnetic draw for those seeking the supernatural.

One of the crown jewels of Bolton’s paranormal panorama is Turton Tower, an ancient stone manor house that’s whispered to be haunted.

Visitors and staff alike have reported spine-tingling experiences, from eerie sounds and mysterious footsteps to ghostly apparitions, especially in the older sections of the structure.

The Rankings and the Legends

Chichester, securing the third spot on the list with a chilling score of 8.2/10, features a wealth of ghostly attractions, including the historic Chichester Cathedral, rumoured to host ghostly monks and mysterious footsteps.

Taking joint fourth place, with scores of 8.1/10, are Brighton and Hove and Lancaster. Their own tales of the supernatural are as captivating as Salford and Bolton’s.

On the other end of the spectral spectrum, Basildon (1.0/10) and Crawley (0.7/10) make up the list of the least haunted cities/towns.

Basildon’s meagre 1.2 memorials per 10,000 people and Crawley’s lowest-of-all 105 vacant properties per 10,000 people prove that not all places are blessed with the same eerie ambience as Salford and Bolton.

Suppose you’re ready to embark on a ghostly adventure. In that case, Salford and Bolton are undoubtedly your top choices, with their rich histories, chilling legends, and a haunting atmosphere that beckons the brave and the curious to explore their spectral secrets.

Just be prepared for encounters that might send shivers down your spine.

Where do you think are the most haunted places in the UK? Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

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