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Fresco Freddo’s Gelateria (Italian Ice-Cream Parlour) Reviewed

A sweet Italian gelateria in Manchester...

Located on Oxford Street, you won’t find any other place like this sweet Italian gelateria in Manchester. Alright, there’s the gimmicky chocolate bar ice creams and milkshake places but they’re sacrilege to anyone who considers themself an iced treat connoisseur.

“They’re as proficient at making ice-cream than the Inter Milan football team are at defending.”

If there’s one thing Italians are good at it’s making gelato (Italian word for ice-cream). They’re as proficient at making ice-cream than the Inter Milan football team are at defending. Fresco Freddo’s offers a massive choice of twenty-two authentic Gelato flavours and a selection of heavenly treats including crepes, waffles, and cakes.

Gelato is classical Italian. It’s denser than regular ice cream because air isn’t pumped into the mixture, like cheap, commercial stuff is usually made. Instead, it’s churned at a slower speed. It’s a longer process, but the flavour is so much more intense, especially with the 100% natural ingredients that are used.

It was a baltic cold and blizzardy evening. The type that gives you a head cold and prevents you from talking. Probably not the type of weather you’d usually treat yourself to ice cream. In fact, it was the last thing you’d want.

Frescofreddos Coffee Hotchocolate

However, once entering the bright, mood lifting little shop, and warmed up a bit, we fancied something sweet. The coffee and hot chocolate we had on arrival helped.

The coffee is Napoli’s favourite. The Affogato, which means ‘to drown’ is particularly enjoyable. It’s an espresso with a dollop of Gelato in it. We recommend the Amaretti, naturally (we like a drink, it’s no secret).

If Steve Jobs had designed an ice cream parlour, he would have created Fresco Freddo’s. It’s bright, modern and open plan, it reminded us of the ultra chic Apple stores (but with less iPads on display), and certainly not what you would expect from a gelateria. But it works. Complimented by the pastel colours and the beautifully designed menus on the walls. Ginger wants to make Fresco’s his office retreat and fashion his Macbook.

The Palace Theatre is just down the road – people regularly go in Fresco Freddo’s during intervals for coffee or a treat to take away with them.

Frescofreddos Gelato

We had a try of most of the gelato. Why wouldn’t we? We’re not going to do things by halves. If you like Nutella or Ferrero Roché, you’ll love the Praline Di Ambrogio. This was our favourite. So rich and smooth.

Being greedy, we had a go at the traditional crepes as well. They also serve freshly made waffles, but we didn’t want to go too crazy. You can choose your own toppings and fillings, we went for the strawberries and white chocolate with biscotti sprinkled over. This combination was sweet and savoury. A sensual treat for the taste buds. We slopped our ice cream on as well, it was the best thing we ever did. Bellissimo!

Frescofreddos Crepes

Always current, they do seasonal flavours such as Toffee Apple which is a winter favourite and Panettone for Christmas.

The lady who makes the icecream is from Napoli, Italy. It’s done right with no artificial flavours. It’s about savouring the taste. If you’re going to indulge in something (cheat) you might as well do it with a bit of class.

It’s ice-cream, it’s fattening, let’s make no mistake about that. But they do sorbet’s (contains no dairy products and zero fat) for those that are lactose intolerant or want a healthier version. They are pink labeled. Green labels are Gelatos.

Fresco Freddo’s is a great location for a date, it’s the only place of it’s kind in Manchester and would certainly be a special treat. You can even order ice creams to take away! Most people go with their friends after the cinema or even to conclude a meal, as you’ll be hard pressed to find a restaurant that serves ice cream at this standard.

On the ilove’o’meter

We would marry Fresco Freddo’s, but let’s not rush things, we don’t want brain freeze!


Fresco Freddo’s Gelateria, 83 Oxford Street, Manchester


Open 7:30 am – 10:00 pm

0161 222 3349

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