Favourite independent Manchester restaurant 47 King Street West believe small is beautiful as they launch their tempting new daytime dining concept on Monday 1st September (from 6pm)

Le Petit Gourmet bridges the gap between traditional casual food such as tapas or cicchetti (which has been trending with Manchester’s movers & shakers for the past few years) and high-end gourmet dining. It perfectly shows off head chef, Rod Francis’ culinary flair but at a great price for daytime dining, with all dishes at an incredible £6.00 each. The idea is that a few dishes are ordered to share.

With dishes such as Crab Gateau, Liver Parfait, Cured Salmon and Pigeon, this concept (see full menu here) brings the flavours, beauty and atmosphere of gourmet dining – in portion sizes ideal for lunch time or mid afternoon grazing.

Pair this offering with a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc and we think ’47’ has reached the pinnacle of upmarket daytime dining.

First class. See you on Monday eve!


47 King Street West, Manchester



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