Salford’s new sustainable marvel is the largest in Europe

Manchester's skyline is about to change forever with Europe's largest living wall at Eden, a green masterpiece that ushers in a new era for sustainable planning.

Greater Manchester is no stranger to being at the forefront of innovative new ideas.

And once again, we’re leading the way.

A new building at the New Bailey in Salford is one of the most eco-friendly in Europe, with over 350,000 plants built into its walls.

Eden At New Bailey

Meet “Eden at New Bailey,” a 12-story office building that is not just an architectural marvel but also a testament to the city’s commitment to sustainability.

We delve into why this awe-inspiring living wall should be a source of civic pride for Salfordians.

As the second-largest living wall globally, Eden at New Bailey is a project that reflects Greater Manchester’s dedication to sustainability.

With over 350,000 plants representing 32 different species adorning its curved façade, this remarkable structure is not just a building; it’s a living, breathing commitment to a greener future.

Award-Winning Excellence: WiredScore Platinum and BREEAM Outstanding

Eden at New Bailey has already received accolades that underscore its exceptional sustainability features.

WiredScore Platinum and BREEAM Outstanding certifications have been bestowed upon this eco-friendly marvel, highlighting its dedication to cutting-edge technology and eco-conscious design.

From Tiny Plugs to Resilient Plants: A Sustainable Journey

Featuring an incredible 350,000 plants on its living wall, it’s at the vanguard of environmental responsibility.

Starting as young plugs no bigger than a thumbnail, these plants have been nurtured and cultivated over six months at a nursery in West Sussex.

This approach not only saved costs but also ensured the plants’ resilience, making them better equipped to thrive in their new home.

Supporting local biodiversity and removing toxins

Set to be completed in May 2023, the living wall uses natural soil over hydroponics and thus provides several environmental benefits to its local Salford area.

These include a significant increase in biodiversity, providing habitats for various wildlife, removing toxins from the atmosphere, and improving the building’s thermal performance.

Each species of plant has been specially to fulfil a purpose, whether that is supporting local biodiversity or improving air quality.

Here are some of the plants included in the wall are:

Thymus vulgaris (English Thyme) – good for air quality (hairy leaves, better for air purifying)

Hypericum Hidcote (St John’s Wort) – a source of nectar and berries for birds

Hyacinthoides non-scripta (Bluebell) – early source of nectar

Boosting Biodiversity and Cleansing the Air: A Green Oasis

The living wall at Eden goes beyond aesthetics; it’s a green oasis that provides a host of environmental benefits to Salford and the broader Manchester area.

Natural soil is used over hydroponics, fostering biodiversity, providing habitats for local wildlife, removing toxins from the atmosphere, and enhancing the building’s thermal performance.

Each plant species plays a unique role, from improving air quality to serving as a source of nectar and berries for birds.

Breathing Life into Salford

Steve McIntyre, Eden’s principal urban environmental consultant, said: “Eden’s living wall will not only be lush and striking it will be serving a very important purpose of creating an oxygenated environment and capturing carbon dioxide.”

Greater Manchester’s air quality stands to benefit significantly from this innovative project, making it a source of pride for the entire city.

Eden: Where Sustainability Meets Well-being

Developed by The English Cities Fund and Muse Developments, Eden at New Bailey is a pioneering project that allows companies to showcase their commitment to the planet.

Sustainability and well-being are not afterthoughts but integral components of this remarkable development.

Manchester’s Green Renaissance

In May 2023, Salford will welcome Europe’s largest living wall, a testament to the city’s dedication to sustainability, environmental responsibility, and a greener future.

Eden at New Bailey stands tall as a symbol of Greater Manchester’s commitment to a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow—a source of civic pride that extends beyond its boundaries.

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