Debate over how to pronounce Primark settled – by PRIMARK


Ever wondered how you pronounce the name of Britain’s favourite high street discount fashion chain? The place where you can get the family kitted out for your holidays and still have change from £50?

No, neither have we.

As far as we’re concerned there’s only one’s way it can be pronounced. Pr-eye-mark. But it seems there are some people who don’t agree. They think it’s pronounced Pre-mark.

We’ve never met anyone who pronounces it this way and, quite frankly, we didn’t think they existed.

But they do. In fact, 12% of the 62,029 people who voted in our online poll pronounce it Pre-mark.

They’re probably the kind of people who pronounce Lidl ‘Leedel’ and Adidas ‘A-dee-das’.

Now 12% may not sound like a lot but it’s quite a few thousand people. (You’ll have to do the maths yourself because we failed our GCSE).

To decide who is right, there’s only one way to find out. Ask Primark (or should that be Pre-mark?)

And the winner is…..Which reminds us of a song you may have heard. It’s called Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

In case you can’t hear the song, the chorus goes something like this:

You like potato and I like potarto
You like tomato and I like tomatoe;
Potato, potatoe, tomato, tomatoe!
Let’s call the whole thing off!

Great song, but it just doesn’t work. Because who the **** pronounces the vegetable you make chips from a ‘potarto?’


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