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The mysterious hidden speakeasy where women take the lead in conversations and you can dance on the furniture

Step into the extraordinary world of Dear Sailor, Manchester's latest enigmatic bar that promises not just cocktails but a voyage back in time to the clandestine charm of 1930s Tokyo.

With the current proliferation of interesting bars and restaurants opening in Manchester as the city experiences an incredible renaissance, it’s rare to get something truly unique.

Manchester has an incredible selection of secret bars that are awesome, but one more couldn’t hurt?

Especially such a unique speakeasy bar.

Enter Dear Sailor – the latest and enigmatic entry to the Spinningfields nightlife scene.

While details about the opening have been discreetly guarded, what we can unravel is that Dear Sailor is no ordinary bar.

Picture a stunning cocktail haven drawing inspiration from the clandestine charm of 1930s Tokyo speakeasies and jazz bars.

The allure of Dear Sailor lies not just in the mystery of its unveiling but in its promise to transport patrons to a bygone era of sophistication and intrigue.

Dear Sailor’s Mystery Unveiled

The Dear Sailor Instagram account is set to private, and there haven’t been any marketing promotions or official announcements, adding a unique air of mystery and intrigue to its upcoming opening

You won’t even find the bar listed on Google Maps. They are completely off the grid.

So we’ve been left scratching our heads wondering, what’s it all about?

Dear Sailors House Rules

Dear Sailor breaks away from traditional bar norms, it’s fair to say.

Women are invited to take the lead in ALL social situations, and men are discouraged from speaking to ladies first.

This fresh approach sets the stage for an experience that is a throwback in time.

Dear Sailor Drinks Menu

Dear Sailor serves fancy long and short drinks with bold and experimental flavours in a cool nighttime setting.

Some standout items on the menu are the Pecan Mai Tai and the Yuzu Meringue Martini.

Dear Sailor’s Food Menu

  • The first menu section is Import – a fusion of flavours and colours from the East, a twist of the West, whilst respecting the traditions of the past.

The design is inspired by artefacts and smuggler documents connected to the seizure of contraband goods by the authorities from the ‘Wokou’ or Japanese Pirates.

These daring seafarers introduced new delights – from alcohol to spices – while embracing a bohemian lifestyle.

  • The second menu section is Naval & Tidal – a selection of signatures inspired by the sea.

These libations are for the curious, the bold and the adventurous who intend to challenge, excite and delight all who try.

Dear Sailor is excited to charter lanes rarely sailed to navigate brave flavours, umami and texture to draw their guest’s favour.

  • The third menu section if Export – a series of late-night finishers that are a continuation of the voyage concluding in the twilight hours.

More House Rules

Dear Sailor’s got some rules, but they’re not set in stone.

No name-dropping, shouting, or fighting allowed – keep it classy!

Hanging out by the front door, wearing hats or sportswear?

Sorry, not here.

And gentlemen, the introduction game is off-limits – no approaching ladies unless they make the first move.

If someone unknown tries, just lift your chin and give ’em the silent treatment.

Now, here’s the fun part – dancing on furniture is a green light, but kick off those shoes first!

When it’s time to leave, let’s keep it quick and quiet.

And hey, don’t bring anyone to the party unless you’d trust them solo in your home.

Your guests, your responsibility – so, choose wisely!

Oh, and Dear Sailor is cosying up next to the lively Sexy Fish Manchester in Spinningfields.

Let’s see how this covert nautical mission unfolds!

Book a spot at Dear Sailor here and get ready for a rule-bending, shoe-off-dancing, mystery-filled night out!

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