Almost Famous Burgers Reviewed – May Result in Actual Orgasm

As burger joints go, it’s kind of a big deal...

We heard about this place the moment it decided to stick around as a permanent fixture in the Northern Quarter. However, it was the ‘Food Pioneer of the year’ it received at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival Awards that really grabbed our attention. We wanted to review, naturally… it’s kind of a big deal.

“I hear they have a pet tiger.”

NO PRESS, NO PHOTOGRAPHY, NO BLOGGERS, NO BLAGGERS… they said. But that was in the early days, and they’ve become soft in their popularity. We went in anonymously (I’m the Ginger Ninja) on a Wednesday lunchtime, anyhow – we’re from Manchester, we’ll do what we want. Let’s just hope the ‘no press’ policy doesn’t catch on, we might struggle.

The entrance is on High Street in the Northern Quarter, an big old brown door next-door to Keko Moku and opposite Bluu Bar. MIND THE STEPS.

Almostfamousburgers Steps

Almostfamousburgers Bar

Firstly, Almost Famous is so laid back it’s ‘almost’ asleep. If Manchester made a burger joint (which it has) it would be Almost Famous (which it is). They’ve successfully made a hell of a talking point, almost like Chinese whispers…

“I hear they have a pet tiger.”

No reservations, there is literally always a queue, whether it’s outside or upstairs in the bar area. The only agony is the anticipation of how good the burgers are. The wait is spent eye balling the creativity. It appears to be effortless creativity but i believe there’s more thought going into this joint than meets the eye. It’s actually trying very hard to be lazy.

Almostfamousburgers Interior

Almostfamousburgers Interior2

Grab a bottle of beer from the bar, kick back, wait for your table and prepare the tissue for a proper nom nom feast – grab the whole roll! They’ll probably start supplying baby wipes after our visit.

We ordered a few recommendations… Famous Burger (self explanatory really), a DD Burger, Crack Wings, Winning Fires – Bacon Bacon Fries (not a typo), Trailer Trash Fries and some coleslaw. The names being a real amalgamation of Manc slang, wit and American lingo. I mean, one of the sauces is called ‘Slut Sauce’, oh yeah! You almost don’t even know what sauce it is, but trust. Believe, it’s fricking amazing! But you already know that, right!?

Almostfamousburgers Famous Burger

Almostfamousburgers Dd Burger

Proper porno – we needed to have a wash and get changed.

Manchester is on hold and waiting for the next burger…

Go at about 4pm if you can, it’s the quiet period. At least it is for now…

I Love’o’meter

Almost Famous is already famous, actually. And we love it.

Just go.


Top Floor Of 100 High St, Northern Quarter, Manchester M4 1HP.


[email protected]



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