Liam Gallagher shares verdict on ‘new’ Oasis album made by artificial intelligence

In a world where artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly prevalent in creative industries, it was only a matter of time before an AI-generated album was released.

And what better band to experiment with than Oasis, the iconic Manchester rock group known for their raucous sound and swaggering attitude.

The album, titled AISIS, is an alternate reality concept album that imagines what would have happened if Oasis’ 95-97 lineup had continued to write music together, or had reunited years later to create a record that harkened back to their first three albums.

The master DAT tape from that supposed session has now surfaced, and the resulting music is a fascinating blend of classic Oasis sounds and futuristic AI-generated elements.

And Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher shared his verdict on it, saying the sound was ‘better than all the other shizzle out there’.

Listening to AISIS, it’s clear that the AI has done its homework.

You can listen here:

The opening track, “Lost in the Fire,” is a driving rocker that could have easily been lifted from (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?.

Meanwhile, “Tomorrow’s Too Late” features a soaring chorus and trademark Gallagher guitar riffs that recall the band’s early days.

But where the AI really shines is in its ability to add unexpected twists and turns to the music.

“Neon Mirage,” for example, begins with a deceptively simple guitar riff before morphing into a psychedelic dreamscape that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Tame Impala album.

And on “Digital Heart,” the AI adds glitchy electronic elements to create a track that sounds like Oasis-meets-Aphex Twin.

Of course, the idea of an AI-generated album is bound to raise questions about the role of creativity and human input in music-making.

But for those willing to set aside those concerns, AISIS offers a compelling glimpse into a parallel universe where Oasis continued to make music on their own terms.

It’s an intriguing experiment that raises as many questions as it answers, and a must-listen for fans of the band and anyone interested in the intersection of AI and music.

Listening to it certainly stirs something, isn’t it time you made the phone call Liam?


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