6 Shopping Tips For Manchester Students

It is possible to eat healthy as a student and stick to a small budget...

These are tough, economic times. A double dip recession and a hike in the cost of university fees is leaving students worse off than ever.

For most freshers this is the first time they have been in charge of their own finances. With managing bills, paying rent, bills and buying food it is no wonder that the food bill is usually the one area that students reduce their spending on.

But it is possible to eat healthy as a student and stick to a small budget – here are a few tips:


Visit the supermarket after a meal. Excess spending on the groceries often occurs when shoppers are hungry and want a quick fix. Manchester has a number of Netto’s, Aldi’s and Lidl’s. Swap the corner shop or the big supermarkets for one of these, even if it costs you a short taxi ride. A basket full of groceries from Aldi can cost you less than half of the price that it would at Tesco and Sainsbury. Sunday afternoons are a good time to visit the supermarkets as you can pick up some last-minute reduced bargains.

2. Plan your meals

It sounds pretty sad but it will stop you having to throw food away. It is also a way to make sure that you are including healthy items in your diet.


Only purchase non-perishable items in bulk. You are more likely to waste food that you purchase in bulk than food you purchase every couple of days.


Buy cereal and eat it all up. Cereal can be healthy as it contains fibre; it lasts for ages and works out pretty cheap per portion.


Make double portioned meals. You can freeze the second meal for another time.


Booze is expensive. A box of wine is cheaper to buy than a bottle and lasts longer.


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