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5 New Year Tips From Uber Fit Stuart Pilkington

He's put his health & wellbeing knowledge to good practice...

You may know his face off the TV from Big Brother 9, fashioning guy-liner and maintaining his physique in the great outdoors. Stuart, as we know him, has made quite a noise with his personal training business in Manchester over the years. He’s also put his health & wellbeing knowledge to good practice and launched a nutritional body cleansing juice labelled ‘JuiceLife’ as well as a weekly column with I Love MCR, sharing with you his top diet tips.

1. SUP UP!

It’s the easiest and most obvious and yet it’s the one thing most of us neglect! Drink more water! Staying hydrated helps reduce fatigue and cravings as well as encourages the body to eliminate toxins from the body.


Add green vegetables to at least two meals each day. Green veg helps the body to cleanse all the toxic build up you’ve developed over the festive madness. Green vegetables encourage a more alkaline environment which I turn reduces cell congestion and helps the liver to operate at its best.


Juicing is a fantastic and convenient way to pack high levels of vitamins and minerals into the body. Juicing after a particularly toxic spell such as Christmas wherein we eat more sugars and drink more alcohol is essential. Juicing removes much of the ruff-age and none-soluble fibre leaving concentrated liquid vitamins that can be more easily absorbed by the body. This faster and greater absorption of the fruit and vegetable goodness will help stimulate the body to begin the detox process. Within a day many people report increased energy, clearer skin and reduced cravings.


Buy a new dress or smaller waistline trousers and set a realistic date when you want to be able to get back into them.


While not the case for all vegetables the vast majority have much higher nutrient value if they are consumed raw. Raw food is “live”. Cooking vegetables at a high temperature like we so often do destroys much of its life force and dismisses its enzyme value meaning you absorb less vitamins and minerals. Raw food also helps reduce appetite, aids weight loss, improves energy and raw vegetables in particular help protect against illness and disease. Consuming a diet based on more raw vegetables and less animal produce will also reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment. Animal produce, over farming, increased transportation and manufacture (slaughter) has a more detrimental effect on our earth so why what helps you also helps the plant! No excuses then get eating more raw vegetables!

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Our first juice is one of JuiceLife’s alkaline cleansing recipes. Everyone loves waking up to a little stimulation and their Morning Glory Juice is the perfect breakfast potion.

  • 2 white grapefruits
  • 1 orange
  • 1/2 lime
  • 1 inch ginger
  • 50 ml water (use aqua bomb alkaline filter to prolong the life of the enzymes. You can purchase these from in the products page).


White Grapefruit and lime are both naturally alkalising fruits that help the liver detox the body, reduce cellular inflation and aids fat loss. Ginger is antibacterial & anti fungal which helps not only fight off colds but stops them from taking hold of our body in the first place!

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