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Review: Victoria Melody’s Headset ‘redefines comedy and mental health discourse with humour and heart’

Victoria Melody's 'Headset' is a remarkable comedy experience, blending humour, vulnerability, and creativity to shed light on women's mental health issues with wit and charm.

Victoria Melody’s Headset brings a delightful twist on what it means to be a stand-up comedian while also living with ADHD and autism.

Selected as one of the best shows to see at the Edinburgh Fringe by Time Out, The Times and The Stage, Headset is a show that explores amateur stand-up comedy and how to make peace with our divergent and messy brains…

Headset at The Edge, Chorlton

Melody starts by coming onto the stage area and introducing the show and what inspired her to do it.

She tells the story in a rather enlightening way with many props.

The stage is set up with three chairs, a few wires and a plastic storage box, all of which make no sense at the start of the show.

Melody uses these props throughout the show and it goes to show, not everything needs to be a huge set piece.

Projection and Pushing the Narrative

There is also a projector mounted on the back wall which showcases pre-recorded footage to help push the narrative.

Melody interacts with the footage throughout the show.

The theatre is in an old church in Chorlton and it is beautiful!

The space is utilised well and I am very interested in performances being shown in your not usual place.

A Beautiful, Intimate Show

The theatre itself is rather small so it makes the performance very intimate. It’s a perfect size for a show like this.

It was something I asked Victoria Melody about during our interview. I had asked her if this location was intended as it can be intimate and certain shows and performances can call for intimate places.

She agreed and said it was the only show in the North West so she wanted to choose a place in the North West and this one was perfect for her.

My highlight was Victoria Melody herself. She is an unbelievably funny person with a light-heartedness that most comedians don’t have.

She holds herself with pride and it makes my heart warm knowing that little Victoria would be very proud of the woman she is today. Making a show that has an uncomfortable conversation about women and mental health is a brave thing to do.

Not many people can and would.

Using Humour to Express Difficult Narratives

Using humour to express those narratives is something that should be done more often than not.

Humour is a way to get people to understand something they may be confused about, and Melody knows just that.

The sound was well-timed and worked throughout. The creativeness of the sounds being used was very interesting.

You can tell the show itself was very thought out as every sound makes perfect sense. It doesn’t feel out of place, it brings you into the show more.

The lighting was also very well done. It was well-timed as well and it helped push the narrative.

The lighting helped the audience feel closed in, uncomfortable, scared and happy. It’s incredible how light can produce such emotion.

Headset is a phenomenal piece of work and Victoria Melody is the heart and soul of the show.


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