You won’t believe what this Oldham resident found in their cupboard when making breakfast

In a quiet corner of Waterhead, Oldham, the morning routine of a local resident took an unexpected twist.

In a quiet corner of Waterhead, Oldham, the morning routine of a local resident took an unexpected twist.

Opening their kitchen cupboard at breakfast, they were greeted not by the usual array of dishes, but by a surprising guest – a snake. The shock of this encounter led them to reach out for assistance from the RSPCA.

Reptile Rescue: RSPCA’s Swift Action in Oldham

Describing the incident, RSPCA animal rescue officer (ARO) David Cottingham mentioned, “Imagine sitting down for breakfast and finding a snake in your kitchen cupboard. It’s an unusual sight, for sure. The homeowner did the right thing by contacting the RSPCA.”

This small but daring snake turned out to be a brand new addition to the household, catching everyone off guard. Measuring around two feet in length, the snake’s presence raised questions about its origins and wellbeing.

Dedicated Response and Veterinary Care

Following protocol, the RSPCA team swung into action. ARO David Cottingham conducted inquiries within the neighborhood to ascertain whether the snake had an owner nearby. Unfortunately, no leads emerged, and the absence of a microchip complicated the identification process.

After a thorough veterinary assessment, it was evident that the snake, a charming corn snake, was in relatively good health despite a few minor blemishes. With professionalism and care, arrangements were made for the snake’s temporary care at a specialist boarding facility.

After a brief waiting period, this little reptile found herself a special place in the heart of a new owner. The seamless adoption process marked the end of her unexpected adventure, and the beginning of a new chapter in her life.

Summer Snakes and Responsible Pet Ownership

The warmer months typically see a rise in reports concerning snakes, prompting the RSPCA to reiterate the importance of ensuring suitable accommodations for these creatures. Snakes, with their cunning nature, often find ways to explore beyond their enclosures, making secure housing paramount to preventing escapes.

ARO David emphasized, “With heightened snake activity during the summer, it’s crucial for pet snake owners to remain vigilant and provide proper housing. The wellbeing of these creatures hinges on appropriate care, including a secure enclosure designed for their species.”

Educating for Compassionate Ownership

While some snakes may venture out independently, many in the RSPCA’s care are believed to be escaped or abandoned pets. Exotic animals like snakes require meticulous care that matches their wild habits. The RSPCA urges potential owners to educate themselves thoroughly before adopting such pets.

The partnership between humans and snakes demands understanding and a commitment to replicating the natural habitat. Neglecting this responsibility can lead to dire consequences for the reptiles.

Promoting Wildlife Welfare: A Collective Responsibility

With a final note, the RSPCA encourages anyone who encounters non-native snakes to keep a safe distance, observe the creature, and promptly notify the RSPCA’s helpline or local reptile organizations. The importance of responsible pet ownership resonates deeply, as the welfare of these captivating creatures depends on our collective efforts.

For more information on adopting snakes and their care, visit the RSPCA’s website:

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