Review: Black Blues Brothers at The Lowry is “gripping fun for everyone”

The Black Blues Brothers is an enjoyable yet gripping show that is fun for everyone

The curtains draw open as the show starts and the stage is set up of an old looking bar as they all walk on stage.

The show has no talking so it is like a silent film with slapstick comedy and the most obscene tricks.

The show starts slow and they do not do any tricks straight away which is a nice way of setting the story up without getting into it from the get go.
The first act starts with the brothers in suits but they only stay in the suits for the first section.

They then proceed to do a Magic Mike type of strip but leave their pants and hats on.

There is a moment where they force strip the last brother and for me it would have not been an issue but as there were many young children in the theatre, I found slightly innapproiate.

My favourite section is when they pull out the jumprope and do crazy jumps and flips and tricks through and over the jumprope. This goes for every section and every trick they do, but the timing is impeccable and would have to be considering if they missed their cue even by a millisecond, the whole trick and section would lose momentum.

With the breaks in between, they do not stop acting. They have little interactions either with the audience or with each other and it really does bring the whole show together.

At one point they do a limbo section and they venture into the audience for contenders.

They choose a lot of children because they are all so excited to do it, but as me and my guest are chatting and looking at the children they are picking, one brother is standing next to us and introduces himself to my guest and proceeds to take him on stage.

As he is the only adult on stage, they have him do a little section which consists of him stretching and doing some press ups. They then have him do the limbo first but as he goes under, they lift the stick up so it is easier for him to go under.

He takes his bow with one of the brothers and comes back to his seat.

After all the kids have done their limbo and taken their bow, they light the limbo stick on fire and proceed to do their crazy tricks.

The Black Blues Brothers is a fantastic show for everyone. It is funny and different and features many songs from the original film.

It gets the crowd going and you never stop clapping for the insane tricks they do.




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