Never mind the fry-ups: here’s the healthiest bowl of comfort food in Manchester


It’s the time of year when darker nights and drizzle leave us craving comfort food and too much alcohol can take its toll.

People often look for salvation in a fry-up – and they are tempting, particularly when you want something quick and hot.

But there’s another dish which can come to the rescue when you’re looking for comfort food or to cure a sore head. And unlike a fry-up, it’s healthy and nutritious, too.

Pho is a delicious noodle soup with super health benefits which double up as a hangover cure. It’s the national dish of Vietnam and it’s also the star of the menu at Pho, a vibrant Vietnamese restaurant in the Corn Exchange.

The base of the soup or broth uses a tasty stock which replenishes water and potassium levels so this really does have the properties to refresh you.

The super soup doesn’t stop there. It’s rich in chilli which helps with the release of toxins and is particularly good after a heavy night out. The addition of garlic gives flavour as well as vitamins and magnesium which will have your metabolism firing on all cylinders in no time at all.


You don’t even have to worry about your stomach being too delicate as star anise helps digestion.

Whether you’re hung over or not, a bowl of pho is like a warm hug after a hard day. It even comes with a bouquet of restorative herbs. Soothing mint leaves settle sore stomachs and heads whilst coriander is rich in potassium and basil boosts your immune system.

Choose one of the lean meat options to be added to the broth and you’ll benefit from a vitamin B12 boost – ideal for increasing energy and reducing fatigue.  Vegetarians can choose from mineral-rich mushroom or tofu.

Pho is a dish so tasty it’s almost worth getting a hangover for. It’s the only thing you really need to drink this winter. And in order to feel the benefit, the first thing to do is to try it at Pho.


Pho is in the Corn Exchange – just minutes away from Manchester’s Christmas Markets and the new ice rink so it’s well worth a pit stop if you’re looking for a flavoursome lunch or dinner. There are a number of other menu options beside the brilliant soup including noodles, stir-fries, salads and more.

Right now you can enjoy 2 courses for £9.95 from 12 till 5pm, Monday to Friday. And if the ability to offer a complete hangover and health cure in one bowl just wasn’t enough, then their Christmas menu is certainly stand-out this year. It’s gluten-free so say goodbye to bloat and hello to flavour.

And if you’re someone who thinks that drinking even more is the key to curing a hangover, why not try a phojito – a cocktail that’s sure to kick you back to life.

With the hangover season looming, Pho are giving away 500 free bowls of the miracle broth to use any time an emergency cure is needed in December. To be in to win one, just sign up here:

Pho Manchester, 7 Hanging Ditch, Unit 15, The Corn Exchange, M4 3TR


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