When Mozart meets the Kardashians: The Marriage of Kim K at 53two Manchester


I’ve never really thought about a Mozart/Kardashian mash-up. I don’t think anyone has. But when I heard there was a fringe show revolving around that specific blend, I was intrigued to say the least.

As most of the world is aware, Kim Kardashian’s marriage to NBA star Kris Humphries lasted just 72 days, despite the televised, glamorous wedding day.

The Marriage of Kim K combines the tale of this marriage with the explosive marriage of Mozart’s count and countess in The Marriage of Figaro. And in the centre of it all are Amelia and Stephen, a couple who continuously argue over what to watch on the television – Mozart or the Kardashians. But this is, of course, just the surface. Their underlying issues go much deeper.

Kim and Kris’s story played out on Amelia’s side as it was her choice of TV show, whilst on Stephen’s side was his choice, The Marriage of Figaro. This could get a little chaotic at times, with the audience not quite knowing where to look. But this is not necessarily a bad thing as this was when Amelia and Stephen’s marriage was spiralling further out of control also.

Kim and Kris, played fabulously by Yasemin Mireille and James Edge, were a very entertaining element of the show and both gave gutsy and sassy performances.

Yasemin gave life to Kim K in a way that was more than just an impersonation – the character was 100% her own and she was a joy to watch, from her strut to her hair flick to her make-up blend.

James was energetic and confident in his performance of arrogant and sex-obsessed Kris and provided many amusing moments in his delivery and hip thrusts. The character intrigued me enough to actually google the real Kris Humphries when I got home.

Yasemin’s voice reminded me of High School Musical’s Ashley Tisdale, and both her and James brought the funky music to the stage.

Emily Burnett and Nathan Bellis both sang beautifully as the count and countess with Nathan also giving the audiences lots of  laughs, with his tone of voice and demeanour. Both actors gave incredible facial performances – almost caricature-like in their expressions – and sculpted the perfect emotional reactions, despite the fact that they were simultaneously singing opera. And their costumes were fantastic.

The central couple played by Stephen Hyde and Amelia Gabriel were both very believable and natural in their performances. And Amelia had a truly beautiful singing voice. Their physicalities and facial expressions were naturalistic and simple but sufficiently captivating  that my eyes were continuously drawn back to them and their reactions while the televisual aspects of the show were going on.

The set was simple but effective, with a sofa in the centre of the stage and a TV, which was where Amelia and Stephen stayed for most of the performance.

Overall, it was great fun, with brilliant performances – both acting and singing. This was the perfect show for such an intimate space.

After Kim ends a tense phone call and delivers the line ‘who do you think you are, Kanye?’ there was much laughter and muttering. Because, of course, we all know how this story goes!

The music and band were phenomenal and it’s the perfect feel-good fringe show. I still can’t believe Leo & Hyde managed to think up such a crazy and yet genius mash-up. I’m a little in awe that they managed to take these two things and combine them to make something so fantastic.

With its combination of electronic, pop and classical music, this imaginative musical is funny, moving and – most of all – a thoroughly enjoyable watch. It also serves as a lovely reminder that hard times can be worked through, if the love is still there.

It’s on at 53two until 17th July. So, if you like Mozart, the Kardashians or simply enjoy theatre, go and see it.

Tickets here.


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