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How Oldham’s manager substituted the pitch for the classroom to help out students

Oldham Athletic's Manager Micky Mellon has made the transfer from management into helping get the best out of Oldham's Students at school.

In a groundbreaking move, Micky Mellon,  football manager and current head of Oldham Athletic, has embraced a new role as the Director of Leadership and Culture at EdStart Schools.

Renowned for his skills in football management, Mellon is now applying his wealth of experience to shape the future of education, ushering in a transformative era where the impact of sports leadership extends far beyond the playing field.

Orchestrating Victories On and Off the Pitch

Mellon, steering teams to success with football clubs like Tranmere Rovers, has seamlessly transitioned from the thrill of orchestrating victories on the football pitch to fostering growth and development in the classroom.

Mellon and EdStart Schools CEO James Lowe

EdStart CEO James Lowe

The catalyst for Mellon’s foray into education was a meeting with James Lowe, CEO of EdStart Schools, after the publication of his leadership-focused book, ‘The First 100 Days: Lessons in Leadership from the Football Bosses with Phil Denton.’

Mellon shared his interest in leadership, recognising the potential for a crossover between his experiences as a football player and manager and the education sector.

Making 16-Year-Olds Ready for the World

Mellon’s collaboration with EdStart Schools brings a unique fusion of sports management and education.

His philosophy of ‘making brilliant 16-year-olds’ underscores the emphasis on not just academic achievement but also character development.

“Our overarching philosophy is that the last time a kid walks out of the EdStart doors into the big world, we have done everything in our power to ensure they are brilliant 16-year-olds ready for the next stage of their life,” Mellon affirmed.

Mellon’s Role in Transformative Education

As Director of Leadership and Culture, Mellon is championing the transformation of educational institutions, shedding light on the often-underappreciated heroes of the education sector – the teachers.

The collaboration between sports and education aims to bridge the gap between seemingly disparate worlds, acknowledging the common ground shared by educators and sports leaders in nurturing the potential within every individual.

Football Management and Education Leadership

Mellon draws parallels between managing football teams and leading in schools, emphasising the importance of relationships and teamwork. “It’s so similar to football; working in teams, everyone has different strengths and different ways of showing these strengths, but sticking together to achieve the end goal for the kids in the schools is the prime objective,” Mellon explained.

Mellon’s Impact Beyond Academic Processes

James Lowe, CEO of EdStart Schools, highlighted the crucial qualities that drew him to Mellon. “Micky Mellon’s initial impact is notably seen in fostering consistency of standards across our various sites at EdStart,” Lowe shared.

Mellon’s ability to handle pressure objectively, derived from the football world, ensures a focus on creating welcoming environments and achieving basic professional standards.

Mellon’s Impact on Education Beyond Borders

Witnessing Mellon’s influence in shaping leaders and introducing impactful initiatives in education is truly exhilarating.

These endeavours, aimed at developing individuals, extend beyond EdStart schools, ensuring that students across the region benefit from the expertise of highly skilled educators who excel both technically and as brilliant leaders.

EdStart Schools envisions providing high-quality education to young people in the region and beyond.

Mellon actively collaborates with colleagues and peers from other schools, extending influence beyond EdStart schools and contributing to shaping the broader education sector.

Challenging Perceptions with James Lowe

On a personal note, Lowe expressed the ambition to challenge negative perceptions that Special Educational Needs (SEN) schools and alternative provisions have faced.

“We aspire not only to enhance the lives of our pupils but also to make significant contributions that elevate the entire sector, fostering positive change and understanding,” Lowe shared.

Holistic Approach to Education:

EdStart’s transformative approach to young people’s education seeks to reshape how parents perceive educators.

By offering a comprehensive, wraparound strategy that considers the child holistically, the school aims to redefine success, moving beyond the narrow focus on academic achievements.

EdStart’s Commitment to Community and Collaboration

EdStart Schools recognises the far-reaching impact it can make on the broader community, extending its focus beyond the students who enter its doors.

The school is dedicated to continuously exploring avenues for sharing best practices with other schools and colleagues within the communities, fostering an environment of collaborative learning.

With Mellon’s leadership and collaborative efforts, EdStart Schools is poised to make lasting contributions to the education sector and inspire the next generation of leaders, ensuring a brighter future for all.

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