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The legendary psychic medium who’s been telling our fortunes in Manchester for over 20 years

Avril the Clairvoyant has been telling the fortunes of Manchester residents for over 20 years now.

Avril, who has become an iconic figure in Manchester, has spent decades offering her unique psychic insights, mediumship, and tarot readings to a diverse clientele.

In this interview, Avril delves into her extraordinary journey, reveals intriguing stories of helping people, and shares insights into the world of clairvoyance.

Avril’s Early Days and the Corn Exchange Connection

Avril’s journey began in the heart of Manchester, at the Corn Exchange.

She reminisces about her early years and her introduction to clairvoyance, “As a child, I used to think, well, it’s in my imagination. I’m seeing things.

“I’m hearing things. But people knew I could see things and predictions often came true, so I persevered.”

Avril’s extraordinary abilities started to gain recognition, and she was often approached for predictions, which surprisingly turned out to be accurate.

The Spark That Ignited Her Path

While initially hesitant to fully embrace her clairvoyant gifts, Avril’s journey took a significant turn when a friend encouraged her to believe in her abilities.

Avril notes, “It was a friend of mine who said to me, ‘Look, everybody comes to you for readings.

“You don’t believe in yourself, but we believe in you.'”

This support sparked her determination to use her talents to provide comfort and guidance to those seeking reassurance during difficult times.

She then set up residence in Manchester’s Trafford Centre.

The Source of Avril’s Insights

Avril believes in a third dimension beyond our physical world, a dimension where she can connect with spirits and receive messages.

She explains, “There is a genuine third dimension where you can go beyond.

“They come into my dimension.”

Avril’s mediumship enables her to channel messages from the spirit world to her clients, offering them closure and hope.

Impactful Predictions That Defied Skepticism

Over the years, Avril has made numerous predictions that have left people astounded.

She shares an example of a wedding prediction made when she was just a child. “I happened to say what I felt at the time of the challenge. Your son’s going to have one daughter. Your daughter’s not going to have any children. But your son-in-law’s going to have five children.”

Astonishingly, this prediction unfolded over the course of 18 years, with each element coming to pass, leaving everyone in awe.

The Motivation Behind Her Work

Avril’s motivation to continue her work stems from her desire to provide inspiration and guidance to her clients.

She explains, “It’s a very rewarding job. It is a very, very rewarding job.”

Clients often turn to her for reassurance, career advice, and financial insights, seeking her unique perspective and the comfort of knowing that they are on the right path.

Addressing Scepticism Towards Clairvoyance

Avril acknowledges that not everyone is a believer in clairvoyance and psychic abilities.

She believes that skeptics are welcome to experience her readings and form their own conclusions.

Avril’s clients often return after initially doubting her, having witnessed her predictions come to fruition.

A Glimpse Into the World of Celebrity Clients

Avril’s talents have not gone unnoticed by celebrities and public figures. She has had the privilege of reading for notable individuals, including a former president when he was a congressman, a renowned actor from Bollywood, and even British footballer Wayne Rooney.

Avril said she predicted the rise of the president, at that point at a fledgling point in his political career.

She says the visit to her kiosk provided a unique encounter where Avril predicted his rise in politics before he became president.

Balancing Positivity and Sensitivity

One aspect of her work that Avril grapples with is the responsibility that comes with sharing potentially distressing or negative information during a reading.

She shares an early experience where she gave a direct prognosis to a client, which, while accurate, caused the client immense stress.

Avril has since learned to approach such situations with more sensitivity, offering information that may be open to interpretation, rather than a definitive prediction.

The Celebrity Clientele’s Stealth Visits

Celebrities often seek Avril’s services discreetly, avoiding unwanted attention.

Avril mentions, “They’ll have somebody who’s looking out, and then they’ll come in when nobody’s there.”

Celebrities, including actors from the popular TV show Hollyoaks, have visited her kiosk with the intention of remaining incognito.

They value Avril’s unique abilities to provide guidance without drawing undue attention.

The Enigmatic Dimensions of Mediumship

Avril’s mediumship abilities are a central part of her clairvoyant practice. She explains the distinction between various forms of mediumship, such as connecting with lost souls who seek closure or contact.

Some mediums specialise in tracing lost individuals, while Avril focuses on providing messages from loved ones in the spirit world.

Her approach emphasises offering solace and hope to her clients.

If you’re intrigued by Avril’s unique abilities and are considering seeking her guidance, you can find her at the Trafford Centre in Manchester.

She emphasises that it’s crucial to respect her clients’ privacy, and her practice operates discreetly to accommodate celebrities who want to maintain a low profile.

A Heart of Gold in the Heart of Manchester

As a clairvoyant who has become a cherished figure in Manchester, Avril continues to make a positive impact on the lives of her clients.

Her commitment to offering reassurance and guidance has earned her a special place in the hearts of those she has helped throughout her career.

Despite the challenges she faces, Avril remains dedicated to using her extraordinary gifts for the greater good.

Avril’s remarkable journey and unique insights have made her a renowned clairvoyant in Manchester.

Her ability to connect with the spirit world and provide guidance has left a lasting impact on her clients.

While skepticism surrounds the world of clairvoyance, Avril’s accurate predictions and her commitment to offering comfort and hope have solidified her reputation as a trusted advisor.

Her discreet practice at the Trafford Centre serves as a testament to her dedication to helping those in need.

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