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About the charity

Oasis is a community drop-in centre in Gorton. Our mission is to provide the unconditional love, care and support required to enable people in our community to overcome the deprivation around them, and to live peaceful, productive and fulfilled lives.

We provide an essential 'first rung on the ladder' for those who are hardest to reach; people whose lives are characterised by crisis, loneliness and despair.

We enable people to address the often complex issues behind their immediate needs, with compassion and respect.

How you can help


So much of the fantastic work that happens at the Oasis Centre is due to a team of amazing volunteers.

As well as our in-house volunteer placement scheme, where we provide volunteering opportunities in the Oasis Centre for our clients to help them get ready to return to work, we are also privileged to work with a significant number of external volunteers.

When you join the volunteer team, the benefits will include:

  • The fulfilment that comes with playing your part in seeing many lives transformed;
  • Knowing that you are part of something bigger than yourself, and being a member of an incredible team;
  • The opportunity to make life-long friends;
  • Real work experience to boost your C.V.

Several of our current staff team started their Oasis journeys as volunteers at the centre and loved it so much that they wanted to stay on! (Of course, we can't promise jobs to all of our volunteers - as much as we wish we could).

Please be aware that due to the vulnerable nature of some of our clients, we do ask for a minimum of a six month commitment from volunteers at the Oasis Centre.

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