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About the charity

Manchester Youth Zone was named Charity of the Year for 2019/2020 for the fantastic service it provides to young people living in Manchester. A unique and safe place, the centre caters for young people aged 8-19 years, and for those upto age 25 with additional needs.

Offering sports, extra-curricular activities, workshops, careers advice and much more, the centre provides a secure environment where young people can build their confidence, meet new people and give something back to their community.

With arts and crafts, cooking, performing arts and sports and fitness sessions, the Youth Zone is a space where young people can learn new skills, make new friends and be positively inspired.

How you can help

Give & Take is our brilliant new initiative which enables you to demonstrate to peers, colleagues, clients and employees where your donation goes.

Give Manchester’s Young People a brighter future by committing to a monthly donation of £500 to £5000+. By supporting Manchester Youth Zone, it means you can enjoy a tangible, measurable, and mutually beneficial partnership.

Take advantage of the many benefits to your business. We tailor our partnerships not only to improve young lives, but to meet your needs too!

We will work to ensure this is greater for your Corporate Social Responsibility, greater for your Return on Investment, and greater for the future of Manchester’s Young People.

  • Manchester Youth Zone, 931 Rochdale Road, Manchester M9 8AE, UK

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