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About the charity

Humans MCR envision communities in which everyone has access to sufficient, nutritious food. The Manchester charity analyses and responds to the root causes of food poverty and works to give respect, health, dignity and hope to those in our communities.

Their mission is to change lives in the communities that they serve by providing access to food and education to
build a healthy, hunger-free future.

How you can help

Parcel packers

A team of super parcel packers that work on a rota basis dependant on your availability. We are looking for volunteers who can be available between 10am-2pm Tuesday – Thursday. Fill in the registration form and sign up today!

Delivery drivers

The vital link between the packing hub and the client. Volunteer to do as many or as few days as you can. You can collect parcels from our packing hub in Gorton, Monday – Friday at 12pm, choose the route that most suits you and deliver any time up to 6pm, at your convenience.

Donate food

Donations of food are always welcome and can be dropped off at our packing hub in Gorton. Sometimes we can arrange a collection so please get in touch if you have food items that you can donate. Our Gorton packing hub address is available on request.

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