The Hilton Deansgate, Manchester Announces Total Re-style of Cloud 23

Sky bar Cloud 23 will undergo a complete style overhaul...
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Hilton Manchester Deansgate has announced that its famous destination bar, Cloud 23, will undergo a complete style overhaul which will see it transformed into one of the most glamorous venues in the north west of England.

Work on the transformation will start on Tuesday 11 September 2012 with
the results due to
be revealed in November. Whilst details of how the all new Cloud 23
will look are still a
closely guarded secret, Lloyd Chapman, senior designer at Hirsh Bedner
Associates, who is
responsible for the re-style, has given some tantalising hints about
 where the inspiration
came from.

He explained, “The main inspiration came from finding
ourselves at the highest
point in Manchester and the feeling of almost being able to touch the

“We then thought about the huge influence that the cotton industry
had on Manchester
during the industrial revolution and worked on the idea of cotton
clouds which will be used as
a key concept feature. Additionally the city’s vibrant music scene
was a big source of
inspiration with the words from the Stone Roses.

“Elephant Stone
including the phrases
’kissing the clouds’ and ‘burst into heaven’ also playing a part.”

A significant investment has been made in the project, which when
complete, will position
Cloud 23 as the most sought after destination bar in the city.

John McLaughlin, general manager, Hilton Manchester Deansgate, said;

“I am extremely
excited about the transformation of Cloud 23 and having been lucky
enough to see the final
designs, I am sure that the results will be stunning and set it apart
from every other venue in
the city.”

Cloud 23 will be closed during the refurbishment process, however the
hotel will remain 


For more information please visit or

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