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Full Flavour Behaviour from Bryn Evans

Burgers, something to shovel in after a night on the tiles...

Some meat, a bun and a bit o’ ketchup… Done!

Burgers, something to shovel in after a night on the tiles? Or something to savour?

“I want a memorable burger not a generic one!”

My busy kitchen brigade have been munching on burgers all week to see what is it exactly that can make a burger special.

Over the years I have seen so many burger recipes and to be honest, many of them taste good, but, I want a memorable burger not a generic one! So let’s take some recipes and I can tell you my thoughts…

Burger 1 – The one recipe wonder.
Minced beef, onions, ketchup, Dijon mustard and Worcestershire sauce.
This one comes up everywhere and most pubs will serve it gladly, but, be careful not to get mince that’s had water in it, a wet mix makes crumbly burgers!

Burger 2 – The butchers go-to.
Minced beef, connective beef tissue, pork back fat and allspice.
Actually quite tasty, I have had these before from butchers shops – think 80p burgers for your BBQ in summer, your bog standard burger for every occasion.. Almost!

Burger 3 – The poncy burger.
Lean minced beef, beef marrow and salt. A new fashion burger popping up with marrow and it gives it a wonderful flavour however, beef marrow doesn’t quite melt at the temperature you want it too and it feels like your eating fat! Well… You are but, you want the flavour, not the actual fat.

Burger 4 – The horsey burger!
Minced beef, all spice and minced pork. Not quite horse but may as well be, pork mince is quite pasty so it’s better for moulding, its also cheaper and it bulks the burger out. It does have good flavour but it’s not quite a beef burger… A hamburger perhaps.

Burger 5 – The Dick Turpin burger.
If you have a beef burger made with Kobe beef, good luck. It’s expensive and it will be bulked with other stuff and you probably won’t be able to tell the difference. Eat Kobe steak sandwiches instead, much nicer.

Now, I did say I would maybe give my recipe away but not before crediting it’s creator. Nigel Howarth of the Ribble Valley Inns empire uses this recipe and I cannot find a better recipe anywhere. It contains no salt or pepper because salt draws moisture out and dries the meat, neither does it contain anything to bulk it out, it’s beef burger heaven.
Our simple burger recipe makes 4 juicy burgers –

720g Minced beef rump – rump is relatively lean and has great flavour
80g Minced white beef fat – pure minced beef fat melts at the tingle of heat and keeps the burger moist as it cooks.
And that’s it. No, really!

Weigh up the burgers into 200g a piece, keep them thick as it improves the flavour as opposed to a thin burger. Oil them up with a good Lancashire Rapeseed oil, season the burgers generously like a steak and grill them for about 6 minutes a side and rest for 2-3 minutes. We serve our burgers medium as the meat isn’t processed and so is completely safe. The bread is your preference. Personally I like a toasted English muffin served with pickles and mustard mayonnaise.

Next week we will be getting all sweet with my favourite lemon Tart recipe from my gaffer ‘MC’.

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Bryn x

All views expressed are those of the author.

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