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Review: Diana – the True and Untold story is ‘theatre at its most audacious and unforgettable’

Diana: The Untold & Untrue Story" is a theatrical marvel that combines drag, puppetry, and outrageous humour in an electrifying tribute to Princess Diana.

When the content warning says ‘Flashing Lights, Strong Language, Audience Participation and Camilla Parker Bowles’, you know straight away that you are in for a good time.

In a world where entertainment constantly strives for novelty and audacity, “Diana: The Untold & Untrue Story” is glowing with unapologetic creativity.

This theatrical marvel, created by the masterminds at Awkward Productions, delivers an unforgettable experience that is just on the edge of tastelessness, all while paying homage to one of the world’s most iconic figures.

This unapologetic, uproarious, and sometimes irreverent tribute to Princess Diana takes audiences on a rollercoaster of fun and laughter right from the get-go, combining drag, multimedia, audience interaction, puppetry, and utmost queer joy.

Awkward Productions, known for pushing the boundaries of conventional theatre, has outdone itself with this production.

“Diana: The Untold & Untrue Story” is the brainchild of the immensely talented Linus Karp, who not only wrote the show but also performed it with remarkable finesse. Karp’s embodiment of Princess Diana is true comedic perfection.

“Diana: The Untold & Untrue Story” gets the audience up and out of their seats.

Diana, or rather, Karp, engages with the audience throughout the show creating an immersive experience for all.

This level of engagement is not for the faint of heart, as some audience members may find themselves unexpectedly thrust into the spotlight.

However, it adds an electrifying unpredictability to the performance, making each show unique.

Multimedia elements are seamlessly integrated into the production, enhancing the storytelling and providing a visual feast for the audience.

The combination of live performance, video projections, and puppetry creates a multi-dimensional narrative that keeps the audience engaged from start to finish.

The puppetry, in particular, is beyond stupid and must be seen in person, so unfortunately no spoilers here on that part.

What truly sets “Diana: The Untold & Untrue Story” apart is its audacious sense of humour. This is a show that doesn’t shy away from pushing the boundaries of taste, venturing into the realm of the absurd and outrageous.

It’s important to note that the show’s humour is not for everyone; it revels in its irreverence and shock value. However, for those willing to embrace the unconventional, it delivers laugh-out-loud moments from start to finish.
The queer joy that permeates the production is infectious. It’s a celebration of queerness, identity, and freedom, all wrapped up in the glittering world of Diana.

The show pays homage to the LGBTQ+ community, reminding us of the power of self-expression and the importance of embracing our true selves.

“Diana: The Untold & Untrue Story” is not just a theatrical performance; it’s a bold statement of artistic freedom and creative expression.

It invites the audience to let go of inhibitions and join in the uproarious celebration.

This is theatre at its most audacious and unforgettable.
In conclusion, “Diana: The Untold & Untrue Story” is a triumph of theatrical chaos.

Awkward Productions, under the brilliant guidance of Linus Karp, has created a show that needs to be experienced. It’s a wild, irreverent, and uproarious celebration of Princess Diana that leaves audiences laughing even after they leave.

Don’t miss your chance to journey into the surreal with Diana as this show is only on at Hope Mill Theatre until 8th Oct. Book your tickets here

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