You can often run out of things to do with your spare time these days. Latest release at the cinema? Seen it. Bowling with some friends? Did that last week. Drinks at the local? Boring. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

That’s where Funzing comes in.

Funzing is an online destination for unique experiences offering a whole range of new and exciting things to do to suit your hobbies and interests.

It’s a community of curious minds who engage in fascinating talks and interactive experiences.

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Next month, for example, there’s a whole bucketload of exciting things going on, including talks about the abolition of ageing by software engineer David Wood and an interactive experience that shows you what it’s like to live as a pornstar. Not your typical Friday night.

The one we’re most looking forward to is a talk by Dr Chen Kugel, a chief pathologist at the Institute for Forensic Medicine, called The Silent Witness.

Dr Kugel will be explaining how the cause, time and place of death can be determined purely by forensics and how the wrong analysis of a bullet entry point could incriminate the wrong person.

Find out about one of the most fascinating jobs in the world using real case studies to really blow your mind. But you better hurry because one of his talks has already sold out.

This is just one of lots of different talks and events taking place in different venues across Manchester over the coming weeks.

You can buy tickets to Dr Kugel’s talk and all the other all these events and more on the Funzing website – and meet new people with interests like yours.

If you’re looking for a more regular commitment, and really fancy doing something different for your weekends, why not sign up to be a member.

Funzing Unlimited comes in three different membership plans, with those signing up receiving unlimited amounts of free talks and events every month. So why not mix things up a bit and get inspired.


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