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Remember when you were a kid at Christmas, you left out mince pies and sherry for Santa and maybe a carrot for Rudolph before you went to bed. You were jumping out of bed before the crack of dawn, begging to open all your presents on Christmas morning?

But times have changed. Now it’s hard to drag yourself out of bed before noon, the presents from Santa aren’t nearly as cool, and the now main bonuses are that you can drink before 5pm everyday and eat your own body weight in chocolate; and you feel like a fat alchy.

To add a little more fun to the festivities, here are a couple of drinking games you can play…


This is the most inconspicuous of all the drinking games because you can play it by yourself or with others, either way you’re not going to attract too much attention.


The rules are pretty simple: each player chooses a buzzword like “Santa,” “Ho ho ho” or “Rudolph” and every time that word is said, the person whose buzzword it is has to take a shot or big swig of their drink.

Christmas Carols

This game can get pretty loud pretty quickly, so it’s best if you’re playing this in a setting where being completely smashed is socially acceptable. First, gather up everyone who wants to play and get a couple shot of glasses and bottles of alcohol.


It doesn’t matter who starts, but the first person will sing the first line of a Christmas carol of their choice and then the person next to them has to sing the next line and so on and so forth until somebody messes up. The person who messes up has to take a shot and start the next Christmas carol.

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