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Unhappy and trapped in phone sales: how this young man from Oldham turned his life round

In a remarkable career transition, 25-year-old Chris Holland from Oldham has gone from feeling stuck in a phone sales job to making a significant impact in the healthcare sector.

How to turn your career around

His inspiring journey serves as a testament to the power of seizing new opportunities and finding fulfilment in a meaningful career path.

Chris boldly decided to quit his phone sales job just two days into lockdown.

Dissatisfied with his situation and seeking personal and professional growth, he also needed to protect himself and his father, with whom he was living at the time.

The Prince’s Trust

The path to finding work during a pandemic proved challenging, and after a brief stint in retail over the Christmas period, Chris turned to The Prince’s Trust for guidance.

His work coach recommended the “Get into Hospital Services with Northern Care Alliance” course, a program designed to prepare individuals for careers in the healthcare industry.

The National Health Service

The National Health Service (NHS) had always held a special place in Chris’s heart, given its significance to his family.

In less than four years, The Prince’s Trust’s partnership with the NHS has helped over 4,000 16 to 30 year-olds get a job in the health and social care sector

The opportunity to contribute to such an essential sector resonated deeply with him.

Speaking to I Love Manchester, Chris said: “I’d been working there for over two years, and I was unhappy with my situation and the progression.

“I needed to shield then because I was living with my Dad as well.

“It was hard to find work, I briefly worked in retail over Christmas but that was all. In the new year, my work coach recommended looking at The Prince’s Trust.

“I was looking for a new career that was totally different from my previous experience in phone sales. I saw that The Prince’s Trust was running a Get into Hospital Services with Northern Care Alliance course, which appealed to me because the NHS has always been important to my family. I liked the idea of doing an important job with them. “The Prince’s Trust course was three weeks long and covered lots, from what to expect from a role working in the NHS, to how to apply for a healthcare job.

“I learnt to not doubt myself so much and I came out of my shell during the icebreakers.

“At the end of the course, I applied for three jobs and got the one I was most interested in, Biomedical Support Worker at the Royal Oldham Hospital. The job is challenging and exciting, which are the two things I was looking for.”

Career change courses

The three-week course offered by The Prince’s Trust provided Chris with valuable insights into working within the NHS and practical guidance on pursuing a healthcare job.

Through engaging sessions, he learned to overcome self-doubt and develop his confidence. The icebreakers and interactive activities helped him break out of his shell and embrace a more assertive and positive mindset.

Upon completing the course, Chris wasted no time applying for healthcare positions.

Out of the three jobs he pursued, he was thrilled to land the role of a Biomedical Support Worker at the prestigious Royal Oldham Hospital.

This position perfectly aligned with his aspirations for a challenging and exciting career that made a difference in people’s lives.

He continued: “Confidence isn’t something you always have, it’s something you can gain and lose.

“Training and getting my job at the hospital has helped me come out of my shell and feel more positive about my future.

“This April marked my two years in this role and it’s still going great. I’ve only grown to enjoy it more over time as I’ve gained more of an understanding of the role and of healthcare science as a whole.

“When I joined The Prince’s Trust course, I did it because I wanted a job that I could be proud of and feel like what I did had a positive effect on others.

“I can say that now, two years removed from the course, that is definitely the case, and I can’t thank the people at The Prince’s Trust enough for that.

“If you’re struggling to find work, don’t be afraid to change direction. All it takes is finding the right opportunity and dedicating yourself to getting the job that’s right for you.”

The Prince’s Trust is working with NHS organisations ranging from hospitals to clinical commissioning groups.

Over the last five years, The Trust has worked with over 50 health or care employers to support young people into work

How to build confidence

Reflecting on his journey, Chris acknowledges that confidence is not an inherent quality but something that can be cultivated and occasionally lost.

The training he received through The Prince’s Trust and his subsequent job at the hospital played a crucial role in helping him shed his reservations and embrace a brighter future.

As he celebrates his two-year anniversary in the role this April, Chris remains passionate about his work, continuously expanding his understanding of healthcare science and finding increasing satisfaction in his chosen profession.

Expressing his gratitude towards The Prince’s Trust, Chris emphasises the positive impact the organisation has had on his life.

He affirms that his desire for a fulfilling job that positively affects others has undeniably been realised, and he credits The Prince’s Trust for facilitating this transformative experience.

Chris’s advice for those facing employment challenges is simple yet powerful: don’t hesitate to change direction.

By identifying the right opportunity and dedicating oneself to pursuing the ideal job, anyone can achieve personal and professional fulfilment.

Chris Holland’s journey is an inspiration to those who may feel trapped in unfulfilling careers.

Through determination, self-belief, and the support of organisations like The Prince’s Trust, individuals can chart a new path and make a positive impact on both themselves and others.

Good luck in your new role, Chris!

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