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27 Reasons to Fall in Love with a Mancunian

Steeped in culture and personality...

Steeped in culture and personality, Manchester is home to one to some of the most friendly and passionate people in the world. Which means, if you date one, you’ve found yourself an absolute keeper. Why? This post found on BuzzFeed tells us why…

1. They’ll never complain about the rain.

2 Manchester Rain

So your day out will never be ruined by your S.O. whinging that their carefully constructed hair has gone frizzy.

2. Mancunians are known for never mincing their words.

1 Steve Mcdonald Cornonation Street

3. Mancunians have excellent music taste.

3 Noel Gallagher

We did produce The Smiths, Joy Division, The Happy Mondays, James, The Hollies, The Bee Gees, The Stone Roses, Buzzcocks, Oasis, Take That, The Courteeners, New Order, The Fall, Doves, and Mr Scruff after all.

4. And they know how to have a proper night out.

4 Hacienda Night At Albert Hall

5. They’re famed for making the best of limited resources.

5 Afflecks Jewelry

Whether you’re going to a house party, on a night out, or on a romantic day trip, your S.O. will always come prepared. Usually with booze.

6. They have swish pads.

6 Manchester City Centre Apartment

House prices are more than reasonable, meaning that you can rent a two-bedroom apartment in the city centre for £750 a month.

7. And they know their haute cuisine.

7 Chips And Gravy

You’ll soon learn that chips aren’t worth eating unless they’re covered in gravy.

8. Mancunians don’t take themselves too seriously.

8 Liam Gallagher

9. But they are passionate when it matters.


Specifically, when the football’s on.

10. If you date someone from Manchester, they’ll probably take you to the Wheel.

10 Manchester Wheel

Where it’s probably best not to bring up how much bigger the London Eye is.

11. And although Mancunians often try to play it cool…

11 Ian Curtis Smoking

12. …they’re big softies at heart.

12 Ricky Hatton Crying

13. They always have faith in their own creative endeavours.

13 Alan Partridge Reasons

Which is important if you’re the next Anthony Burgess or L.S. Lowry.

14. And they might even let you share their favourite dessert.

14 Manchester Tart

Manchester tarts are filled with raspberry jam and custard, and topped with coconut sprinkles and a maraschino cherry. YUM.

15. They know their craft beers.

15 Brew Dog

Your S.O. will probably take you for a pint of 5.1% ginger ale at Marble Arch or one of the eight rotating craft keg lines from northern brewers in The Knott Bar.

16. They’ll hold your shopping while you dive into the vintage racks at Afflecks Palace.

16 Shopping In Afflecks Palace

17. You’ll never run out of free dates to go on.

17 John Rylands Library

There’s the People’s History Museum, Manchester Art Gallery, the Imperial War Museum, and the Museum of Science and Industry.

18. Mancunians fight for what they believe in.

18 Emmeline Pankhurst

Manchester is, after all, the birthplace of Emmeline Pankhurst.

19. Although they cultivate a healthy sense of irreverence.

19 Karl Pilkington

Which is useful when they’re faced with a bunch of southerners going on about how great London is.

20. Mancunians can usually be found with a drink in their hand.

20 Ricky Hatton

Because you’re not paying London prices for your booze up here.

21. And they’’ll drag you for a decent late night scran at the end of a night out.

21 Black Dog Ballroom NQ Food

Black Dog Ballroom serves food until 1am.

22. They have their own hangover cures.

22 Vimto

23. The maturity of their humour is unrivalled.

23 MEN Humour

24. They’re some of the most welcoming and open-minded people you’ll ever meet.

24 Gaychester

Manchester’s Gay Village has more lesbian-friendly venues than London’s Soho

25. And they’re pretty easy on the eye too.

25 Anna Friel

Anna Friel and Nick Grimshaw, anyone?

26. They make the best of any situation.

26 Wet Wedding

Picture credit: S6 Photography

27. So if you’re lucky enough to fall in love with a Mancunian, you know you’ve really scored.

26 Rooneys Goal Against City

Credit: Harriet Williamson via BuzzFeed.

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