The good, the bad and the funny: some of the best and worst Manchester April Fools

Pic Whoisjohngalt Commons

It used to be easy to spot an April Fool. These days they’re getting more difficult to spot. Must be something to do with all the fake news about. Here’s a few local ones we spotted yesterday. We reckon they’re definitely April Fools. Or maybe they’re not.

Limited Edition White Guinness

A classic April Fool. Our favourite.

Big Dough Balls

Never mind chef from South Park‘s chocolate salty balls. Look at the size of these beauties.


A good service on the Rochdale line? Must be an April Fool.

The Corned Beef Hash Triangle

It’s a thing, apparently, and its three corners are the Victorian Chop Houses – Sam’s, Albert Square and Mr Thomas’s – according to Egyptologist Alan Fildes.

Man United’s Greatest Ever Goals


Free money on Deansgate

Too good to be true?

Disneyland Manchester

At Pomona? No chance.

The Manchester Brexit Museum

This one could be true.

And finally…

The Manchester Mobile Phone Ban

Who could possibly believe that?


We know Manchester. Do you?

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