Review: Ladies that Dig at The Edge is full of “great songs and beautiful comedy”

This play, written by Joyce Branagh and the ‘Ladies That’ is based on a series of interviews, workshops, and chats on the theme of “digging”. 

No literally, it’s aimed towards people who enjoy shovelling up dirt, gardening, people who feel at one with nature, getting soil stuck between their fingernails.

Simply put, Ladies That Dig is about the great outdoors and the people who love it.  

It also touches on themes of budding love, blossoming middle age, exploring our roots, and unearthing buried treasures, leading the audience  to discover what it means to ‘grow’. 

The performance is bursting with great songs that you can’t help but tap your feet to.

This was quite surprising because musicals aren’t normally my go-to, but they are so much fun – I loved it.

Emotions were in the air and the audience were always ready for the next musical that popped up in each scene.

There was also a perfect blend of comedy, not just in the play but also in the musical itself, constantly switching from person to person and managing to time everything perfectly.

Credit’s due to the Choreographer- Zak Phillips-Yates, as he played a major part in this play from behind the scenes to ensure the characters times everything to perfection.

This changing of emotions was felt consistently throughout, and this also links to the lighting designer – Brent Lees, who managed to have the audience feel every emotion with every oncoming scene.

From the Lighting to the sound design Lead by –Ziad Jabero, it felt like a beautiful recipe had come together and took form to create a wonder 3-course meal.

The sound design matched the elegance of the lighting and took effect on the audience, having a continuous effect on the audience. 

The Actor/Writer for this marvellous production is Joyce Branagh, who has done a spectacular not just behind the scenes on the script but also re-enacting her own words in the play itself.

Director Kirstie Davis managed to ensure things ran smoothly and has done a great job in rehearsals as it has been shown on stage.

The Actors: Lisa HowardRiana Duce, and Helen Longworth, all did a splendid job throughout each scene, having the audience hooked, (as well as myself). As for the changing of characters in the play, and the perfect costumes design for each of those characters (Credit due to Louie Whitmore), as well as the perfect timing and coordination, I felt as if the whole play ran smoothly as there were no delays, and only barrels of laughs and endless reactions from the audience. 

One of the things I most enjoyed was the fact despite the fact it was only a small group of actors on the stage, they still managed to keep the audience engaged, including me, and that in itself was a surprise because I tend to drift off into an imaginary space every once and a while.

But seriously, even though the audience was much older than me, and it was aimed at people who enjoyed activities such as “gardening”, (which I find a bore), I honestly can say from experiencing this myself as an 18-year-old, this had me shocked when I found myself engaged every step of the way.

Even with the musicals, which I must say were amazing. And I don’t even like musicals, so believe me when I say if I liked it I’m most definitely sure you will too. 


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