Love gin? You’ll love the Gin Masterclass at The Liquor Store


“Little nips of whisky, little drops of gin, make a lady wonder where on earth she’s been.” 

It was once considered the scourge of society, with nicknames such as ‘mother’s ruin.’ Now gin has officially been named Britain’s favourite spirit.

We bought a record 47 million bottles of it last year, (that’s the whole country, not the I Love MCR office) – up by seven million on 2016.

According to an annual poll by the Wine and Spirit Trade Association, gin moved up from third place last year, with 29 per cent of consumers naming it their favourite spirit, ahead of whisky (25 per cent) and vodka (23 per cent).

But why? To truly appreciate the taste and its variations, you need to understand where it comes from and how it’s made these days.

That’s why you and your mates need to try the Gin Masterclass at The Liquor Store.

You and your companion will learn about the history of gin and its brewing process, tasting a variety of different blends as you gain an appreciation for how to mix the tastiest gin cocktails possible. 

The first confirmed date for the production of gin was the early 17th century in Holland. It was produced as a medicine and sold in chemist shops to treat stomach complaints, gout and gallstones. To make it more palatable, the Dutch started to flavour it with juniper.

British troops fighting in the Low Countries during the Thirty Years’ War were given ‘Dutch Courage’ during the long campaigns in the damp weather through the warming properties of gin.

But you already knew that, right?  Why not let The Liquor Store experts tell you more over a gin. Or four.

Fully interactive, this fun session will leave you with the knowledge and skills needed to recreate all your favourite cocktails at home and impress your friends at your next dinner party.

Sessions start from just £25 per person and include four drinks each.

If gin isn’t your poison, and the gin masterclass isn’t enough to tempt you for a good discerning booze up, maybe the Liquor Store Happy Hour is. Every day from 5pm until 8pm you can get two pints of Coors Light, two glasses of red or white wine, two gin and tonics or any cocktail for £6.50.

We’ll drink to that.




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