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Discover Disorder: where traditional Japanese izakaya small plates meets modern Asian fusion

Disorder offers an innovative Asian-inspired menu, with small bites and bigger plates that are perfect for a sit-down meal or just a snack, any time of day.

Step into the world of Disorder, where small plates of delicious, Asian-inspired dishes are served alongside drinks in a sociable and casual setting.

Taking inspiration from the traditional izakaya bars of Japan, Disorder is the perfect place to graze on delectable dishes while sipping on your favourite drinks.

The menu has been curated by Bryan Barber, who has taken influence from all around the world.

His career has taken in classic French training, a unique, historic twist on British cuisine, BBQ smokehouse and sushi.

He’s bringing this variety of experience, along with his passion for Asia and its cuisine, to Disorder where he has taken on his first executive chef role.

The name itself, “izakaya,” translates to “stay drink place” and encapsulates the atmosphere of this unique dining experience.

Join us as we embark on a journey to explore Disorder intriguing lunch offerings.

I opted for the Korean Fried Chicken with peanut butter and Jelly Sando (£10), and Japanese fried chicken served with cabbage, lemongrass peanut satay sauce, black pepper berry jam, wasabi peas and coriander.

This dish is a unique and creative take on Korean fried chicken, featuring juicy and crispy chicken coated in a flavourful batter.

Lemongrass peanut satay sauce and black pepper berry jam create a delicious blend of sweet and savoury flavours that complement the chicken perfectly.

It is finished off with the crunch and spiciness of wasabi peas, providing a satisfying texture and a kick of heat.

The fresh coriander adds a bright and refreshing touch to this dish, making it a must-try for anyone looking for an exciting and flavourful meal.

The Chicken Karaage was equally impressive, with crispy and succulent Japanese fried chicken served with crunchy cabbage, creamy kewpie mayo, salty nori, and tangy gherkins.

The combination of flavours and textures in this dish was just perfect. A real treat.

Me and my colleague also shared The Buldak (Fire Chicken) loaded fries.

The dish is an explosion of flavours in your mouth.

We chose the succulent chicken karaage (there is mushroom available for vegetarians) and it is cooked to perfection and served with crispy noodles, nori seaweed, and lashings of creamy mayo.

The housemade fire sauce adds a kick of spiciness that builds up gradually, creating a warm and comforting sensation that fills your entire mouth.

Aromas of the dish are equally enticing, with a tantalising blend of spices and umami notes that will make your mouth water.

The menu features a great array of skewers and gyozas, for lighter bites and sides.

From this menu we selected the vegan Hoisin Duck Gyoza and the smoked lamb merguez sausage skewers, smaller plates that packed a huge punch.

The Gyoza Hoisin Duck (VE) is a vegetarian dish that features flavourful hoisin mushroom gyoza.

The dish is accompanied by a cucumber avocado sauce, which provides a cool and refreshing contrast to the savoury gyoza.

The dish is also topped with vegan mayo and crispy onions, adding both texture and richness to the dish. Overall, this dish offers a delicious combination of flavours and textures that will satisfy any craving for a tasty and satisfying meal.

The Smoked Lamb merguez sausage is a flavourful and juicy sausage that has been smoked in-house to perfection. The lamb sausage is bursting with a blend of aromatic spices, giving it a rich and complex flavour profile. The sausage is then finished with a drizzle of tzatziki sauce, which adds a creamy and tangy element to the dish. The combination of the smoky sausage and the fresh, cooling tzatziki sauce creates a delicious balance of flavours that will leave you wanting more.

Their selection of skewers offers a variety of delicious options to choose from.

For vegetarians, the Grilled Halloumi skewer is glazed in sweet soy sauce, for meat lovers, the Smoked Lamb Merguez Sausage skewer is smoked in-house and finished with tzatziki sauce.

The mushroom bulgogi skewer is a flavourful and hearty option, with marinated oyster mushrooms.  The chicken yakitori skewer is marinated in soy sauce and grilled to perfection with spring onions.

Lastly, the Pineapple and Gochujang Tofu skewer is a great vegan option, with gochujang-marinated tofu finished with pineapple sauce. At only £7 per skewer, you can mix and match to create a tasty and satisfying meal.

If you’re looking for smaller dishes, Disorder offers a range of Mexican-inspired Tostadas too.

This selection of Tostadas offers a diverse range of flavours and ingredients to satisfy every taste bud.

The Chicken Katsu Tostada comes with chicken karaage, Asian slaw, katsu curry sauce, kewpie mayo, nori, and pickled ginger, all for just £4.

The Ahi Watermelon Tostada is a vegan option that comes with smoked watermelon, nori and lemon vegan cream cheese, edamame, spring onion, and sesame, providing a refreshing and unique flavour combination.

The California Tostada features smashed avocado, fries, pico de gallo, house made cheese sauce, and grilled halloumi, making it a delicious vegetarian option.

The Smoked Cauliflower Tostada is a vegan dish with edamame hummus, smoked cauliflower florets, seasoned red cabbage, jalapeno and lime sauce, and coriander, creating a satisfying and hearty meal.

Lastly, the Tomago and Kimchi Tostada is filled with caramelised onions and peppers, kimchi fried egg, kewpie mayo, and togarashi spice, all for just £4.

Disorder has a unique menu with dishes suitable for any time of the day, at very reasonable prices.

They do a great value lunchtime offer every day Monday-Friday 12pm to 4pm, which includes Karaage chicken or oyster mushroom, chips with house slaw + a choice of three toppings (Katsu, Buldak, Salt and peppper) with a pint of house lager or a soft drink for £10.

You certainly won’t be leaving hungry.

You can check out Disorder’s full menu here.

You can find them at 8-88 High St, Manchester M4 1ES

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