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The incredible father who’s making a difference in the fight against stillbirth

In an inspiring tale of resilience, Ben Moorhouse takes on colossal challenges in 2024 as a heartfelt tribute to his stillborn daughter, Kallipateira.

In an incredible show of resilience and determination, Ben Moorhouse, a 40-year-old father, is gearing up to tackle two extraordinary challenges in 2024.

He took a mightily impressive challenge earlier this year, taking on a 206-mile walk from Edinburgh to Manchester.

These endeavours are not just physical feats but a poignant tribute to his stillborn daughter, Kallipateira, and a rallying call to address the profound issue of stillbirth.

His extreme feats aim to shed light on the urgent need for stillbirth research and support the Tommy’s Maternal and Fetal Health Research Centre in Manches


Halifax to Blackpool to Manchester: A 110-Mile Nonstop Walk

On July 13th, 2024, Ben will embark on a nonstop 110-mile walk from Wainhouse Tower in Halifax to Blackpool and then on to the Maternal and Fetal Health Research Centre and Tommy’s Rainbow Clinic at Saint Mary’s Hospital in Manchester.

The journey, spanning day and night, is an extreme challenge that mirrors the emotional rollercoaster of his own experiences with stillbirth and miscarriage.

Ben’s support team will accompany him as he endeavours to bring attention to the staggering statistics of stillbirth, with an average of nine babies lost daily in the UK.

Conquering Tsambika Monastery: 100 Ascents in One Day

In August, Ben will set his sights on the Greek Island of Rhodes, facing the famed Tsambika Monastery on August 17th.

This ancient site boasts 300 steps from bottom to top, perched at an altitude of 240 meters.

Ben plans to ascend these steps an astounding 100 times in a single day.

This challenge, set against the backdrop of summer heat and humidity, echoes the extremity of his commitment to raising awareness for stillbirth research.

His history-making walk around the full perimeter of Rhodes in 2021 showcased his determination, and this year’s challenge promises to be equally awe-inspiring.

A Personal Journey Fueling a Greater Cause

The driving force behind Ben’s extreme challenges is the tragic loss of his daughter Kallipateira in October 2018, followed by a miscarriage in May 2019.

Speaking to I Love Manchester, Ben said: “On October 26th, 2018, our daughter Kallipateira was Stillborn just two weeks before her due date.

“As I held Kallipateira in my arms I made her a promise that I would do her proud and continue her legacy by helping to support other parents who have experienced the death of a baby/babies, and also to help save babies’ lives.

“On May 16th 2019 we experienced a miscarriage at 9 weeks of pregnancy.

“The devastation of Kallipateira’s death is with me each and every day.

“The pain does not go away but somehow you have to adapt to a different life. I would have given Kallipateira my life for her to be ok. I must now be Kallipateira’s voice. Every baby deserves a chance at life.

“On May 23rd, 2020, we gave birth to our rainbow baby Apollon Alexandros Moorhouse who was born early at 35 weeks at Saint Marys Hospital in Manchester. A

“fter the death of Kallipateira and a miscarriage we knew that to hopefully give Kallipateira a brother or sister with a better outcome we must be cared for by the best in the UK, Professor Alexander Heazell of The Tommy’s Rainbow Clinic and Maternal and Fetal Health Research Centre in Manchester.

“Through the world-class care and research, they undertake and put into practice, we are proud to say Apollon is a real-life miracle. If it were not for Alex Heazell he would not be here.

“Kallipateira is the love of my life and in her honour and for her legacy to help save baby’s lives I will take on two events in 2024.”

Professor Alexander Heazell, Director of the Tommy’s Stillbirth Research Centre said: “We are delighted that Ben is completing two amazing challenges for our stillbirth research next year.
“The KM foundation has funded studies that have explored parents’ needs for support in pregnancy after loss and to better detect problems after reduced fetal movements.
“We are so grateful for their support to fund stillbirth research that improves care for parents.”

These devastating experiences led Ben and his partner, Gaynor, to establish The Kallipateira Moorhouse Foundation, a charity dedicated to saving babies’ lives through research and supporting grieving parents.

The couple’s decision to entrust Professor Alexander Heazell and his team at Tommy’s Maternal and Fetal Health Research Centre in Manchester speaks volumes about the centre’s crucial role in their journey.

In 2020, the birth of their rainbow baby, Apollon, underscored the importance of specialised care and research in preventing stillbirths.

The Rainbow Clinic, one of the seven research clinics at the centre, played a pivotal role in Apollon’s survival.

A Call to Action: Supporting Ben’s Quest

Despite facing physical and emotional challenges, Ben remains committed to his mission.

He emphasises the need for public support, acknowledging the societal hesitancy to discuss stillbirth openly.

In Ben’s words, “The biggest challenge I face is not the extreme challenges but raising the money because baby death is what I call the world’s biggest phobia.”

He urges everyone to contribute to his target of £10,000, emphasising the profound impact such funds can have on stillbirth research.

Dignity Funerals: Proud Headline Sponsor

Dignity Funerals, as the proud headline sponsor of the extreme challenge walk, recognizes the social responsibility associated with supporting initiatives addressing profound issues. Stuart Cox, Corporate Communications Manager at Dignity, commends Ben’s inspiring enthusiasm for fundraising and wishes him the best of luck in his challenges.

Ben’s journey is not just a personal endeavour; it’s a collective effort to make a meaningful impact on stillbirth research and support grieving families.

As a Manchester-based publication, we encourage our readers to support Ben in his quest to raise awareness and funds for Tommy’s Maternal and Fetal Health Research Centre.

Every contribution brings us one step closer to preventing the loss of precious lives and ensuring a brighter future for families across the UK.

To support Ben Moorhouse’s fundraising efforts, click here

Ben’s Official Extreme Challenge Launch video can be viewed here

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