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Winter has well and truly arrived. Temperatures have started to drop so we can expect some challenging – even treacherous – driving conditions for the next few weeks.

Many of us spend much more time in our cars during the winter months when conditions on the roads become much more dangerous and the hours of daylight are at their shortest.

This can cause an increase in the number of accidents and breakdowns. In fact, motorists are 20% more likely to be involved in a road accident in winter.

And not fully preparing your car for winter is one of the most common causes of breakdown problems across the UK.

So whilst it’s exciting that Christmas is approaching, it’s important not just to take extra care on the roads but to ensure our vehicles are properly maintained.

Because the last thing you want is getting stuck with no heating or one of the many other unpleasant situations people often find themselves in in winter traffic.

Whilst preparing your car for the next few months may seem like a daunting task, the guys at Carttitude have got you covered.

Owner Claudiu Jijie has some helpful hints and tips.

According to Murphy’s law, if something can go wrong, it will. So his first piece of advice is consider preparing your car for the worst driving conditions you can expect in your area.

Check your anti-freeze. Coolant systems that are not in the right proportion will lead to overheating due to freezing. Have the car’s coolant system flushed before the first freeze. You also need to check the system for leaks and install fresh coolant.

Keep your petrol tank filled. More petrol in the tank means less air space, therefore reduced chances to develop rust and clog.

Keep an eye on fuel; oil; rubber; coolant; electrics; screenwash.

Proper maintenance of the engine bay and heating system are recommended for safety, comfort and the overall condition of the vehicle. Imagine if you had no heat. Nothing will function properly.

Low visibility is a factor that causes many car accidents so make sure your headlights are in peak condition.

And it’s important to protect both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Think of the harsh weather conditions and solutions used. Do you like stains on your carpets and chipped paintwork and scratches on the exterior?

So be sure to remain vigilant about the condition of your vehicle and take care whilst driving during the winter months.

And if you have any questions about looking after your car – and making sure you and your passengers are safe – get in touch with the guys at Carttitude and they’ll be happy to help.


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