Meet Chloe Lynch. The 27 year-old mum of two launched Pres, Prestwich’s first juice bar and health food cafe, a couple of years ago.

Chloe, who was born and bred in Prestwich, worked at Topshop from the age of 16 then moved into car sales. She never really felt content at work and dreamt of setting up her own business.

Falling pregnant with her first child was the motivation she needed to do something that made her happy – she decided to quit her job at Mercedes and open her own juice bar.

“There has always been a lack of healthy food options in Prestwich,” says Chloe, who was born and bred there.

“I wanted to be healthier and Prestwich had literally nowhere for me to get a fresh juice to take away. I thought I couldn’t be the only person in the area that wanted a fresh smoothie or something healthy so I decided to create a space myself, create my own juices and a place that is family-friendly.

“It took time to pick up. At first, people thought ‘ergh juice bar, what do we need one of those for?’ People assumed it was a super healthy place, for healthy people only. I wanted it to be for everyone and wanted to make it welcoming for everyone.

“I travelled around America a few years back and there were juice bars everywhere. I loved it. Juicing became a passion of mine so that’s why Pres started off mainly juices.

“I was really lucky in the fact that an amazing chef approached me after two months of being open and said ‘I really like what you do but I think I could grow your business and create you a great food menu’. So he came on board and created a fantastic menu for us.”

Working hard on social media platforms and relying on word of mouth, it’s now Prestwich’s go-to place for a healthy brunch and a cold pressed juice. It often gets very busy and takes pride of place in the centre of a thriving community.

Offering up a full brunch menu, sandwiches and salad bowls daily, the Pres menu isn’t just nutritious – it’s incredibly tasty too. Chloe ensures that they use all organic ingredients from local suppliers and that all of their shots are cold-pressed in house daily.

“We are now a healthy juice AND food bar but the food side of things doesn’t seem to be known about. I think people still think we just do juices.  We want everyone to know we have a deliciously creative menu on offer too that doesn’t just cater for vegans and vegetarians.

To celebrate its second birthday, Pres is having a weekend of celebrations to say thank you to its loyal customers starting on Friday, 10th May when there will be a Wheel of Fortune for all paying customers. Customers will get a spin of the wheel with every purchase, with food and drink prizes up for grabs.

And what birthday is complete without a party? On Saturday night, Pres is having “a bit of a do” with some fantastic healthy food and a selection of cold pressed cocktails created in junction with neighbouring bar Cape to Cuba.

There will also be 20% of all juice cleanses this weekend. So if that’s something you have always wanted to try, now is the perfect time to commit.

The party is ticketed and availability is limited.

441 Bury New Rd, Prestwich, Manchester M25 1AF

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