Charlie the Monkey loves Manchester

Manchester as you know is popular with history, owning iconic buildings / venues, some more popular than others.

Wipe Your Tears Children’s Charity are challenging a power individual to locate and visit 40 of these which we have chosen for them.

There is a twist, our mascot Charlie who is a 5ft cuddly monkey who just loves to travel with the team to events, (this event is no different), will accompany the power individual wearing his Wipe Your Tears t-shirt, he will also have with him, one of our prototype Cuddle Bags.

Each venue reached will require a photograph which should include:

  • Charlie our mascot
  • The Cuddle Bag 
  • The venue itself
  • All photographs should be in daylight so all the above are visibly clear

How to apply

  1. Fill out the application form before 1 Sep 2022;
  2. You can apply to as many challenges as you want and the I Love MCR Charity Foundation will determine the candidate taking on the challenge
  3. Wait to be notified by the I Love MCR Foundation
  4. A member of the I Love MCR team will support you throughout your journey and assist in every step of the challenge;
  5. Donate and fundraise* via our official online fundraising partner, Givegain;
  6. Find your inner power, complete the challenge within the allocated timeline and become a champion.

*The challenger is encouraged to spread the word about the challenge to their networks, fundraise and encourage people to donate, however, I Love MCR will be promoting the initiative and helping to gather donations.

Terms and conditions

  • You can be supported by anyone on this journey
  • You will be expected to submit selfies throughout your journey
  • The person accepting the challenge does it in their own time and the organisers and charity will not be liable in the event of any injuries or extra expenses 
  • You will need to commit to attending a video shoot with I Love MCR to help promote your challenge attempt.
  • A member of I LOVE MCR will get in touch with the person selected and will help coordinate the challenge 

Wipe Your Tears Charity Challenge

Wipe Your Tears is supported by the I Love MCR Charity Foundation and championed at the I Love MCR Power Awards

Who are we

Wipe Your Tears are committed to supporting children who suffer from a serious or terminal illness. We also offer support to children who are victims of domestic violence situations and reside in a safehouse with mum or dad who have been abused. Support is also available to families in the community who are experiencing hardship and deprivation through no fault of their own.

What we fund

We provide children with a serious or life limiting illness a last wish giving them a moment of happiness whether it be to meet a famous idol, go on a last holiday (Project Charlie) or just to have their tears turned into smiles, if only for a short while. We also fund medical equipment for home use which is unavailable through the NHS.  Since 2016 we have funded 10 pieces of equipment for home use costing £46,000.

For children who are residing in a safe house support comes in the form of Project Cuddle Bags, these bags are life saving upon arrival with little or no belongings of their own.

Food and clothes shopping grants in the forms of items are provided to families to make their lives that little bit easier when life has been hard, anyone can fall on difficult times, we are here to help and listen.

Our vision

Wipe Your Tears also have an annual Christmas toy appeal and an Easter egg appeal, these appeals are supported generously each year and allows the team to provide children with gifts who without our support would not have a gift to open on Christmas morning or an Easter egg on Easter Sunday.

We support between 2,000 and 3,000 children and their families each year.