To hell with convention! If the notion of a saccharine-sweet Valentine’s Day filled with flowers, chocolates and over-the-top romantic gestures sends shivers down your spine, we’ve found the perfect antidote for you this 14th February.

The concept of dark Valentine’s has been steadily rising in popularity over the past few years – particularly in the States, where haunted houses and escape rooms see an increasing number of stoic singles and unconventional couples flock to them for a scare on Cupid’s holiday.

Forgo the usual traditions and opt for something darker by checking into your own terrifying motel room in Manchester this Valentine’s.

The experience is inspired by hotel horror classic Vacancy, in which a young couple check into a motel after their car breaks down – leaving them stranded in the middle of nowhere.

You check into the Crimson Lake Motel and start watching slasher movies on the TV, which you quickly notice seem have been filmed in the very room you are staying in – before realising you are trapped inside with cameras pointing directly at you.

There’s only one way out and you’ve got just one hour to make your escape. Do you think you have it in you?

At a 4-star difficulty rating, Vacancy is one of the more challenging rooms at Breakout.

Whilst you have a game host on hand to offer clues when you get stuck, it will be down to you and your significant other to figure out a series of puzzles in order to escape.

Sound up your street? Then check in at the High Street location and see if you have what it takes to make it out alive.

And if your significant other doesn’t love horror, well then at least they’ll be encouraged to grab your arm a little tighter.


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