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Creator David Firth is bringing his web series Salad Fingers to Manchester for a one-off live show later this year.

The viral web series is a cult classic, emerging at a time when quirky online animations were not so much of a thing as they are today.

Emo, weird, twisted and simply just strange, the show centres around protagonist Salad Fingers – a creature that was once human but, having survived a zombie apocalypse, is now green and delusional.

With a penchant for finger puppets and stroking rusty items, Salad Fingers is certainly unique.

Many say their gender is ambiguous and some fans think Salad Fingers suffers from multiple personality disorder, with Hubert Cumberdale (one of the finger puppets) actually representing their true personality.

Theories abound, but all will soon be revealed at the upcoming event at The Comedy Store on Deansgate Locks.

Fans can see all 11 episodes of the hit Flash animation screened in sequence, and Firth will be on hand to answer questions at a Q&A afterwards.

Creepy as it is, Salad Fingers captured the hearts and minds of many during a time when the internet was generally a little bit more light-hearted.

The series received 36 million views on its first episode alone and has to date racked up more than 110 million Youtube views since its 2004 release.

Firth has since produced several animations for the BBC, including his Musical Predictions in 2009 and the Jerry Jackson series in 2009.

In 2010, the Doncaster-born comedian also created a new series for the BBC based on a character called ‘Drillbithead’.

Tickets are on sale now for the screening which will take place on 20th July at 8.30pm. Priced at just £13.50, they’re a bargain too.


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