VIDEO | Why Pita Pit is the go-to place for fast, fresh, healthy and inexpensive breakfast & lunch

Pita Pit is a pit stop for fresh thinking, healthy eating


First thing’s first. Despite the name, pit stop isn’t just about pitas. Pita Pit’s in-house coffee blend is a beautifully fresh blend to start the day. What’s more their cups are Rainforest Alliance Certified to throw away.

As well as breakfast pitas, their organic porridge can help you kickstart the day with a tantalising array of toppings including; maple syrup, honey, berry fruit compote, dry fruit and honey. A variety of yoghurts also offer a tasty, guilt-free option for morning commuters.

Lunchtime! If you’re tired of the usual bland, soggy, sandwiches and fancy a fresher, healthier alternative, Pita Pit could be the answer to your dilemma.

The Canadian healthy pita and salad chain boasts over 500 locations around the world. Altrincham-based Sim Trava brought two franchises to Manchester with one near Piccadilly station (the first to open in the U.K.) and Deansgate, earlier this year.

Making Mediterranean-inspired food since 1995, Pita Pit’s motto is “fresh thinking, healthy eating,” with many of their pitas under 350 calories and an extensive choice of vegetarian and vegan options.

Grilled and made fresh to order before your very eyes, with the option to customise, the dining ‘experience’ is a lot more theatrical than beeping through your pre-packaged, high carb meal.

With its long tables, free wi-fi and plug-in points, Pita Pit is an ideal place for business meetings, giving you a break away from the humdrum office life.

Outside catering is also available with a separate menu, if your usual lunch breaks aren’t long enough and convenience is the only way to go.


45 Deansgate, Manchester M3 2AY

3 Piccadilly Place, Ground Floor, Manchester M1 3BN


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